How to Use Your Intuition as Your Superpower

Are you aware that you possess a superpower? If you have not been regularly using your intuition then you may be leaving the best parts of you at the door.

Tapping into your intuition can be a significant way to build your confidence, create a pattern of making solid decisions, and gain a sense of trust and self esteem beyond what you have at this moment.

Let’s explore the true power that intuition can be for you in your daily life and ways to make it a strong presence in your daily life decisions.

What is Intuition?

how to know when your intuition is talking to you

Your intuition is a form of guidance that directs your thoughts, actions, or emotions based on your independent and personal judgment.  Different than an opinion or assessment, your intuition can at times appear to be derived without preliminary thought or analysis, but almost spontaneously arise in your mind. 

Because the act of intuition can appear suddenly and without forethought or forenotice it can be said to be Divinely-derived or downloaded.  It otherwise can be described as a gut reaction or an innate knowing that has no other origin than its being. 

If your intuition is simply guidance from an unknown origin, spontaneously derived from nothing, why does it matter?  Intuition often is said to be important or even critical when making important decisions, adopting a certain direction, or moving quickly and precisely when needed. How can something so loosely derived be so concretely necessary?

Why is Using Your Intuition Valuable?

While intuition can appear to be a nice-to-have but unnecessary tool, in many instances it is invaluable.  It may be cloudy to you of how you derive your intuition, you still act in good faith because of your intuition.  It is valuable because it moves you and, unexplainably, it is right!

When you are moved to impact your life in significant ways because of the intuition you have received, you find it that much more important that you have a strong sense of trust in your intuitive power.  If you have developed a strong relationship with your intuitive power, you can become more confident and well-connected in the life decisions that you make. 

Alternatively, if you believe your intuition to be faulty or if you are not well-versed in using your intuition successfully, you may feel at a disadvantage or even as if you work against yourself in your independent decision-making.  As a result, you may abandon the use of your intuition altogether. 

Developing your intuitive abilities, recognizing your intuition when it appears, and acting in alignment with your intuition can provide you with better self-awareness, self-confidence, and clarity in your decisions and life balance overall. 

How to Recognize Your Intuition at Work

trusting your intuition spiritually

When faced with a decision or choice, you immediately without pause make a decision about which direction to move forward.  You may consider this your ability to make a quick judgment call or you may infer this to be your intuition at work. 

At other times, when you arrive in a space and read the room or have a sense of the people around you. As a result, you innately determine if you feel safe or if you feel welcomed or unwelcomed. When interacting with others you know if you have had honest interactions or have been deceived.  These unsaid, unnamed perceptions of a situation may be evidence of your emotional intelligence or observation skills or these may also be signs of your intuition at work. 

Still more elusive are the circumstances when you are searching for an item and you seem to know exactly where to look for it without provocation.  Or you appear to predict a person’s arrival or phone call and then it occurs.  These could be matters of coincidence or accidental good timing or other evidence of your intuition at work. 

Whether or not you choose to identify these examples as evidence of intuition or not, it is important to note that they do exist.  It is highly likely that you have experienced one or possibly all of them. And, when using your ability to apply these skills intentionally, you can build true strength in your sense of self, your ability to trust in your thought, actions, and decisions, and move more fluidly in what otherwise could be troubling life choices. 

How to Use Your Intuition Intentionally

One important aspect in feeling confident in your intuition is to actively use it.  It may appear that intuition just shows up when it chooses to, but in fact, you can also call upon your intuitive guidance at any time. 

Ask yourself, what would I do if I had no choice but to make a decision?  If I didn’t have time to rethink my options over and over again or if I couldn’t ask that trusted friend for their opinion, what would I do?

  • Act without deep thinking.  

  • Take a chance and focus on how the option you selected feels, versus your potential fear of being forced to make a decision. 

  • Take a moment to really remember times when you acted on faith and had a positive outcome as a result.

Using your intuition intentionally takes practice but it can also be as easy as applying it to your very next decision.  

The goal in using and recognizing your intuition more often is not to immediately trust that you will make perfect decisions, however.  It is to build your faith muscle so that you can rely on your decision-making ability and the presence of your intuition in those moments.

And should things go wrong, you can be inspired to move forward in an even better way.  In other words, even if you have a momentary failure of alignment with your intuition, you can trust in yourself to still thrive beyond any bad moment. 

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7 Quick Tips to Strengthen Your Intuition

7 tips to strengthen your intuition

1. Quiet Your Mind. 

When you are clouded with different thoughts, options, emotions, and questions, it may be hard to decipher what action you are inspired to take.  Quiet your mind through distraction, deep breathing, meditation, or even music.  When you find that you have taken hold of your disposition, then ask the question, “What should I do”, and follow what you receive as your answer. 

2. Use Your Emotional Intelligence.

Some answers come in words, others come through feelings.  As you are exploring options in your mind pay attention to how you feel and be intuitively guided to follow what option feels best to you.

3. Question Your Decisions.

When you have more than one option, question yourself why each one makes sense.  Allow yourself to intuitively (versus painstaking overthinking) determine why one particular decision is the right one.  Let the answers flow and expect them to come immediately.  If you have to create or conjure answers then you know you are forcing solutions instead of letting them intuitively flow. 

4. Embrace Risk.

Your intuition may already be a loud voice in your mind but may be outranked by the emotions in your heart.  If you are often plagued with fear and anxiety in making any decisions, ask yourself what you would do if you were not afraid.  If another person you trust who you find to be more confident were to take an action, what would they do?  Allow your intuition to temporarily find commune with the side of you that embraces risk.  Go further to ask yourself what you can do to reduce your fear so that you can take the action with more confidence. And let the answers come. 

5. Use Affirmations for Trust and Self-Confidence.

Negative self-talk can be a powerful foe when attempting to use your intuition.  Intentionally reframe your thinking and break the pattern of self-sabotage by creating a new, powerful, positive language for yourself.  Use affirmations specifically for building trust within yourself and empowering your self-confidence.  When you have shifted your presence, even if only for a few moments, tap into your intuition and see if it speaks louder to you then. 

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6. Respect Small Actions.

Following your intuition on big decisions does not always mean that you must first take a big action.  Your first thought may be a small step in the right direction.  Before you quit a job, you may want to review your resume or look to see what jobs are available in your area.  Before you leave a relationship you may decide to schedule an appointment with a therapist or talk to a trusted close friend.  Do not test your intuition by making huge leaps that you may not be ready to take.  All intuitive action is immediately life-changing, even if only a small step of progression. You may need to walk the path a few steps before you run. 

7. Acknowledge Your Intuition Often. 

To build a strong relationship with your intuitive self, you want to acknowledge its presence in your life.  Reduce your usage of words like coincidence or luck, and emphasize to yourself when you have been able to make significant decisions with little to no obvious direction than an impulse.  It is okay to give credit to the practical knowledge you deploy, the information you have researched, or the analysis you have effectively conducted.  But it is equally important and relevant to give notice when you are inspired, Divinely-led, or intuitively guided.  All forms of influence are valid, present, and important and deserve acknowledgment when they occur. 


Your intuition is a super powerful tool and one that you want to strengthen and regularly use in your daily life.  Making hard decisions with confidence and self-assurance cannot always be a matter of deep study and analysis.  Sometimes you just need to know, feel a sense of relief, and have an inner belief that you are going the right way. 

When you regularly practice allowing yourself to be intuitively guided, you can learn how to better hear your internal voice and also gain more confidence that its direction can be trusted.  

We each possess tools that assist us in making the best decisions for our life.  Allow yourself to use your intuition and experience the superpower that can outrank all others at your disposal. 

Do you have your own unique ways of tapping into your superpower and strengthening your intuition? Share your success in the Comments section below.

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