Home Organization Affirmations for When You Don’t Feel Like Organizing

Home Organization Affirmations for When You Don’t Feel Like Organizing

Home organization can seem perfect in theory, but be a tedious chore in reality.  Using home organization affirmations as part of your decluttering and cleaning process can be a big part of keeping the right focus.

All too often you lose the momentum of cleaning your home even before you start.  When you look around your home at what seems like an endless sea of mini-projects, papers, and random paraphernalia, it is daunting.  And when nothing has a home in your home, you can feel like everything has taken over your house.

This may be the perfect motivation to have a beautiful home.  But it may not necessarily be the motivation to organize your way there.

When you don’t feel like cleaning or organizing, before you push through and do it anyway, pause and get mentally prepared. Don’t let your mental energy be yet another hurdle to jump.  Instead, let your mind align with your goal to get your to-do list done.  And feel good all the way through your organization journey.

Use these 10 Home Organization Affirmations for When You Don’t Feel Like Organizing to get you from overwhelmed to overjoyed in your living space.


First, Why Do You Need Affirmations?

cleaning and organizing affirmations

Affirmations are an excellent way to focus and build intention with your thoughts.  So often the mind will run from topic to topic seemingly without pause.  And scattered between subjects there can be a number of negative and demotivating thoughts.

Allowing the negative thoughts to run without borders can cause your energy to run away with it.  And when you are looking to build your inspiration for action, you find that you are already mentally drained.

Affirmations can replace a negative train of thought and energize your mind with positive momentum. With the right words in mind, you can find yourself hopeful, inspired, optimistic, and generally in a good mood. This revitalized mental status can be the perfect frame of mind to make your vision and your actions come to life.

Why Are Home Organization Affirmations Useful?

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Affirmations for home organization can infuse power thoughts and actions into an otherwise mentally draining project. 

Declutter, cleaning, and organizing can result in a ton of thinking and overthinking. What do you want to do with this? How do you create a home for that?  Will we need this one day?

To organize well you are:

  1. being intentional and thoughtful about your needs
  2. creating the flow of your home, and
  3. making long-lasting changes for order and harmony for you and your family 

But if all of this is new for you, you are also organizing a brand new train of thought!

With new trains of thought, come even more thinking, and therefore even more opportunity for negativity and self-sabotage. As soon as you are unable to create an immediate solution for your clutter and chaos, you could be faced with thoughts of your ineptness for the entire project.

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Home organization affirmations help you to keep the right thoughts about your abilities and capabilities at the forefront of your mind. You can create a new order for your home.  You are completely capable of creating or researching new ideas for order and putting them into action.

Home organization affirmations help to sustain the right thoughts in your mind regardless if you are at the easiest or toughest part of your project.

Keep Your Home Organization Benefits in Mind

More than having a picture-perfect home, home organization helps to reduce the clutter in your mind.

Your surroundings are a reflection of you and your thinking.  When you are disorganized in your home, you likely are carrying clutter and disorganization within you.  Your true home base is within.  Lacking organization in your home and personal mental clarity day after day can cause you to suffer from stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue.

When you are constantly in search of something you have lost or you find your eyes land on a project to be done, you are simultaneously exerting mental energy. Mental energy or attention on unnecessary subjects can be significantly reduced when you know where things are, know where to put them, or lay eyes on empty spaces instead of clutter. With a less taxed mind, you can then have opportunity to enjoy the peace within your home and in your thoughts.

Less distraction, less stress, and less wasted mental energy all contribute to your peaceful, focused, and clear mind. 

affirmations for a clean house

And with a positive mental state, you have room to be more creative, more innovative, more inspired, or simply more relaxed.  But you knew this already, which is why you began your decluttering project in the first place!

How Do You Use Affirmations?

Affirmations have many applications. Be open to experimenting and find what works for you when using them.

The simplest method is to find or create a statement that has positive meaning to you and to read or say the statement aloud. You can repeat the statement once or repeatedly.  The number of times said is not as important as the statement becoming your focus in the moment.

When you have a list of affirmations, you can read them all at once.  You can also choose to take one or two from the list and repeat them as if a mantra. When doing difficult or tedious tasks, it can be helpful to repeat your chosen affirmations while performing your task to keep maintain positive mental energy aligned with what you are doing.

You can also choose to create a project initiation with your affirmations, for each day or each segment of your decluttering and home organization project.  Choose to consciously and intentionally clear your mind before taking any action. Close your eyes and perform a few deep breaths.  Once you find yourself centered, you can light a candle or take a moment to write your affirmations to signify a start to your new thinking.

Then take time to read your affirmations, settling on every word, and purposefully aligning yourself with the meaning to you behind each statement. Allow the vision of your completed project to be your focus and your home organization affirmations to compliment this vision. When you have completed this, you are now ready to take on your tasks with the proper mental energy with your mind and actions in full alignment.

Take time to learn what works for you and practice using your home organization affirmations when creating the environment you aspire to have.

Home Organization Affirmations

10 Home Organization Affirmations for When You Don’t Feel Like Organizing

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Keeping a positive state of mind and being kind to yourself as you live your life’s journey can be tough at times. But the rewards can be significant. When doing tough projects like home organization, keep yourself motivated with positive affirmations every step of the way.

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