How to Use Journal Prompts for Self Worth

Journal prompts are one of many ways to expand your journaling practice. When looking to delve into areas of self improvement, such as increasing your self worth, the right journal prompts for you can assist with enhancing your self awareness and appreciation.

Self worth can sometimes be diminished when we do not take the time to acknowledge our gifts, appreciate our individuality, or accentuate our contributions to ourselves and others. Additionally, when we do not receive positive reflection or validation of our attributes from others, we may internalize this criticism or neglect.

Journal prompts can allow you to ask questions you may not think to ask or in the past have avoided and permit you to reflect or validate positive knowing in a detailed manner. Even if the past circumstances are deemed unfavorable, you can use them to assess your preferences, what you may do differently in the future, or determine what you can learn.

Using journal prompts for self worth as a part of your journaling practice can help to build or sustain your self worth and lead to a more well-balanced and confident state of mind.

What is Self Worth?

Self worth is your belief or confidence in yourself. Your sense of self that says that who and what you are matters and is important to you and is of significance to those that you love. Self worth also is a general sense that your life is of importance and has purpose.

Each of these proponents has impact on your self perception, as what you think and feel about yourself impacts how you present yourself in your daily life. If you have a positive self worth, you may carry yourself with confidence, be willing to express your opinions or preferences openly and have comfort to see yourself and your actions optimistically.

If you lack self worth, you may suffer with doubt and discomfort in your daily life. You may lack confidence, question your judgment, and credit others’ opinions before your own. You may also find it more difficult to recover from negative interactions with others or even internalize the criticism or comments from others as true because you have no independent positive image.

How Does Journaling Support Your Self-Worth?

Journaling is a form of self expression where you share thoughts through words and written description. This is an intentional practice as you not only have opportunity to reflect, consider, and develop opinions about your life. But you also are able to explore putting your thoughts, actions, and emotions into writing.

This translation of your thoughts to written expression and your subsequent recordkeeping of this information creates a form of reinforcement of the sentiments captured. You may be more likely to remember your thoughts as result. Or you may also be able to explore events and evaluations in a more explicit way than thoughts alone.

If you choose, you may use the journaling process to express how you feel about yourself and others when reviewing past circumstances. You can play out what could have happened or your preferences. And you can express without outside input, opinion, or ridicule what you think about it all.

With regular journaling and focus, particularly on your self worth, you can intentionally reflect more and more positive aspects of yourself to yourself. With consistent focus, you can begin to shift your thinking , provide evidence of your positive attributes, and find yourself more often becoming aware of the positive parts of you.

20 Journal Prompts for Self Worth

    1. What is the best compliment you have given yourself or received from someone else?
    2. What is important to you in life?
    3. Without overthinking it, what is your opinion of yourself?
    4. What is your biggest accomplishment and how did you achieve it?
    5. What are the best attributes of your closest friends?  Which of these attributes do you share?
    6. Who do you admire the most and why? Do you have similar characteristics?
    7. What do you do that makes you most proud?
    8. What is an example of you at your best?
    9. If you could be, do, or have anything in world, what is top on your wish list? Why?
    10. Do you take time to care for yourself? If you don’t and you had no limitations, how would you take care of yourself?

    1. In what ways are you exceptional?  In which ways do you want to be exceptional?
    2. When you love and/or respect someone else, how do you show it?
    3. The last time you took care of someone you cared about, what did you do and how did you feel about it?
    4. If you took yourself out on a date, what would you do?
    5. What do you aspire to be?  Do you believe you are capable? Why or why not?
    6. What positive statement do you say to yourself often? If you made a new statement, what would it be?
    7. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your strengths?
    8. When is an example of when you were truly kind?
    9. What is it like to be your friend?
    10. What is your definition of self worth? How can you live this definition?


    Self worth journal prompts can help you to examine your values, opinions, and image of yourself. And you can do this independently without outside opinion or judgment.

    Regular journaling provides an opportunity to build evidence of the positive attributes you display every day and to critically consider if you have areas in life that you would like to improve. You can build an appreciation of who you are, what you do, and how you act towards yourself and others in time.

    When you think about, consider, and reflect to yourself regularly your positive attributes, you can steadily build your confidence in the positive qualities that you possess. As a result you cannot only improve your self image but rely upon your personal opinion above others when validating your image to yourself.

    Using journal prompts specifically for self worth can be useful to improve your state of mind and personal well-being, if used regularly and with positive intent.

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