The Ultimate Guide to Master Your Work Life

Why is it that we can become the master of complaining about what is and can never seem to master where we would rather be?

The days are too long.

The money is not enough.

The boss is a jerk.

The commute is for-ev-er!

Nothing is right and we just confirm it to ourselves over and over again.

And you can always find a person to listen or to join in on your song because misery loves company.  But how do you begin to sing a new tune??

There is a way!

You can wake up and step into the job that you always wanted and sing the praises of how happy you are to do it.

You can have a job that you want to have and love everything about it.

Follow these 3 steps to self mastery and change your work life for the better NOW. It’s time to live your work life differently.

Self Mastery Step #1: Embrace Being the Master of Your Life

how to achieve self mastery

Do not be a novice in living your life.  Master living how you choose to live.

Far too often we find fault in the lives that we live.  And then we take minimal accountability for our life’s outcome. You do what you have to do.  Or, you play the hand that life has dealt you.  You say that you do the best with what you have.

These statements may be fact.  But in stating facts and in acknowledging stark realities, you relinquish your power. To transition from novice to true self mastery of your life’s goals you must feel comfortable taking claim of your ability to command your life.

To affirm is to self-empower.

Instead of stating that you do what you have to do, proclaim that I do what I want to do. You do not play the hand that you are dealt.  Instead state, I play to win and I win often.

And when you take on this new frame of mind, you start making subtle changes. Shifting the way you see and live your life is the path to creating powerful change.

How Do You Know When You Have Mastered Self Mastery?

self mastery skills

You are the sole decision-maker of what a good life to live is. 

As it relates to your work life, you alone decide what is the acceptable standard. Where you work, what you do for work, and how you perform your work is fulfilling based on your opinion.

You may say that others have an influence on your definition of work fulfilled. But others’ influence is only of substance if you permit their opinion to hold importance.  Again, you are the master and you are the only one who can be.

Shifting your mindset to one of ultimate accountability, primary responsibility, and singular and final say, is the utmost wielding of personal power. When you accept this, now you are in the position to evaluate and make decisions from a new perspective.

You may not like the job you have today. But you are the person with ultimate accountability, primary responsibility, and singular and final say to change it.

If you do not change it, know that you have chosen to stay where you are. You have no other person to be accountable to in your decision other than yourself.

If you do not know what to do about it, you have ultimate accountability, primary responsibility, and singular and final say to figure out what to do.

And, by the way, you don’t have to leave a job to be empowered. 

You can also take accountability, in creating your work environment, work content, and even your commute to be the best that you have ever experienced. 

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Once you take command of how you want to live, you are in the perfect position to make it happen.

But mastering your life is not the only step in the process.  You must also believe

Self Mastery Step #2:  Believe in What You Want to Believe in

self mastery and growth

Your belief system is the foundation by which you live.

Some beliefs are consciously acknowledged in your mind; others are subconscious and even feel automatically derived.

You may not know what you believe on any given subject until someone asks you for your opinion.  But once brought to focus, your beliefs can empower you with passion and conviction. And when you hold a belief with conviction it can dictate the standard by which you live. 

Knowing your beliefs is knowing your core values.

If you are looking for ways to know your beliefs and core values in a more meaningful way, take a look at My Core Values Journal. You can work to define your core values, understand their origins, and define your beliefs with clarity.

A strongly held belief can act as a framework for how you conduct yourself, how you interact with others, and the decisions you make on a daily basis. To manage your beliefs is a form of self mastery.

For this reason, beliefs are critically important in propelling forward the actions you take.  Beliefs create motivation, focus, passion, and meaning.

How Do Your Beliefs Impact Your Work Life?

self discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts

Your work is an outcome of your beliefs.  You could say that your job is the manifestation of your beliefs around your capabilities, your talents, and your potential for earnings.

When you apply for a job, you believe that you will get hired.  You perform your job duties based on beliefs that you can perform them. Or you believe that you have the ability to learn.

You fear losing a job when you no longer believe that you are capable to perform it.  Or you may believe that someone else is better. You may even believe that your company is no longer able to secure your employment.

No matter the direction, you are surrounded by your own beliefs as it relates to your work.  Therefore, when you want a change in your work, you must first believe that the change is possible.

You may have mastered living your life in accordance with your own definition. But if you do not believe that the future you conceive is possible, you will remain standing still. This is why you must act on what you say you believe in.

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If you say you believe you can be in management one day, you must treat this belief as fact. When you claim that you will get promoted in a year, you must take on this belief with conviction.

And if you determine that what you believe as your future is not reality today, you must be comfortable in knowing that reality shifts and so can you.

This is how you create change in your work life.  You believe. 

  • Permit yourself to believe without evidence in the current moment and open yourself to opportunities to let a new reality into your life.
  • Explore different conversations.
  • Connect with different people. 
  • Expose yourself to new possibilities. 

With these steps in place, you will be inspired to new actions. 

Belief is how you awaken the power of self mastery and walk an inspired path toward what you want in your life.

Self Mastery Step #3:  Be Inspired to Follow Your Inspired Action

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Inspired action can appear to come from nowhere. You can be busy in living your daily life and, seemingly from the cosmos, an idea comes into your mind. 

But it can also come directly from another source.  

In the midst of a conversation, you come up with solutions.

Listening to someone else’s conversation, you gain a spark of influence that simply resonates with you.

Seeing someone else’s accomplishments you see a new way of thinking.

The spark of creation that moves you from thought to action and jolts positive emotion through you a the same time is your Gift of Inspiration.

We all have had the experience of an inspired motivation to move in a certain direction or to take a certain action. But all too often we have also had the experience where we received inspiration but rationalized our way from it.

On your quest for change, you can be driven to live a new life of your choosing.  And you can believe fervently in your dreams for more. 

Big Dreams Can Inspire Big Doubt

Every dream does not come easy.

It is okay and usual to find fault in the path laid out in front of you, particularly if it is brand new. Brand new, different, never-before-experienced dreams can feel foreign and create insecurity and fear. But facing this insecurity and following your inspired thoughts can bring much needed change.

How do you do change from what you do not want to what you want by only permitting yourself to do the same things you have always done?

The comfort of conformity can seem as if it is the same as doing the right thing.  Conformity can feel good in its familiarity and security.  It can feel as if coming home.

Newness on the other hand can feel challenging, risky, uncomfortable, and utterly terrifying.  How can you follow a path of discomfort and know that it is taking you in the right direction?

How Do You Know When Your Inspiration Is Right?

self mastery skills

The inspired path can be tough to follow when you are unfamiliar with the road it leads you on.

And beyond this, when you are taking new roads as it relates to your work, it can make you feel very insecure.

  • Today you have a job, but what if you are inspired to leave? 
  • You have a great relationship with your boss, but what if you are inspired to try for a new role in a different department?
  • How about the perfect job that pays you half your current salary?  Is this inspired action or insanity?

To know your inspiration, you must first know yourself.

Remember, that you have mastered listening to your own voice and understanding your own decisions.  You also have created a relationship with what is important to you by way of your beliefs.

When you are given an idea for something new, no matter how strange or uncomfortable, take time to evaluate it. Does this idea feel right to you

Examine if you find it personally off-putting or if, instead, you are more concerned over another person’s perception. 

  • Do you believe that the idea will benefit you?  It is important to stay true to your beliefs and not to take action in conflict with the foundation of who you are.
  • Is this idea challenging you? It’s okay to be challenged.  But beyond the challenge will you be in a better state overall?

Trust in your ability to do what is best for you.  And further, trust that should you falter, you have the ability to recover and thrive by learning from your mistakes.

Every action that you take will not be perfect.  But it may be the perfect path that leads you to become stronger in yourself, better in living your beliefs, and more skilled in interpreting your inspiration.

You will develop the gift of knowing when your inspiration is right. But you can only become skilled in following your inspiration if you take every opportunity to follow it. 


You do not have to stand still in a job you do not want and repetitively live a work life that you cannot stand.

You can have a job that you love and that you are excited to go to every day. To have the work life you desire, you first have to be willing to take command of yourself and master your life.

The power to make the job you desire your reality lies within you and can become yours today.

  1. Embrace being the master of your life.  Take ownership of your definition of what you want in life and what satisfies you.  Take time to know yourself better. Learn self mastery. Then live in accordance with who you really are every chance that you get.
  2. Believe in what you want to believe in.  Commit to your beliefs as the charter of your life’s framework.  Take courage to actively practice the way that you want to live and what you want to do in your life’s experience.  Let your life and your beliefs stay aligned, regardless of others’ opinion. Your beliefs will always serve as your guiding light on your life’s journey.
  3. Be inspired to follow your inspired action.  When you know yourself enough to know what you want and have the foundation of beliefs that guide your decisions, you will be presented again and again with inspiration for the next steps to take.  Be ready, be mindful, and be diligent to move.  Trust that you can make the right call for the right move that takes you on the right path for your best life.

Your work is a manifestation of the beliefs of your perceived talent and the value exchange received for your talents.

You decide what you earn, how you spend your time, and who you share your assets with. You set the terms of what is acceptable or unacceptable, and most importantly what you truly want. Live as master of your life and permit your work life to be the best it can ever be.

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