5 Truly Intimate Ways to Practice Self Love and Feel Good Loving Yourself

Exploring more and more ways to practice self love is life-changing.  Learning and developing a self love habit can make you a new person.

Self love is the connection between your physical self and your spiritual self.  When you are able to comprehend and resonate with the deepest meaning of true love, understand how it manifests through your thoughts words, and emotions, and create a loving experience for yourself with intention, it can be a significant spiritual moment.

When you are able to master the art of purposely flowing love upon yourself, you will become boundless in your ability to experience love.  The power of love and your access to it will always rest in your hands.

It is for this reason that self-love is the ultimate expression of love for you that can be exceeded by no other.

“Self-love is the ultimate expression of love for you that can be exceeded by no other”

Exploring ways of tangibly demonstrating love towards yourself is both intimate and personal. 

Each one of us defines love in accordance with our own values and emotional definitions. 

We feel love differently. 

We express love differently.

We define love differently.

And because of this we collectively create an expansive experience and definition of love that we can each share while developing new depths to our own self love.

practice self love

The ideas of how to practice our own version of self love are boundless.  To connect with this knowing, read through these ideas and tips on self love and choose which ones resonate with you. 

This is not a checklist with actions to be completed but an idea bank to inspire your personal expression of love for yourself.

Self Love Tip #1: Practice Self Love Through Words & Communication

Communication of love to yourself brings ideas, thoughts, words, AND sounds together.

It is the harmony of celebrating of you. 

Be precise with the words that you speak to yourself, out loud or in your mind. Invoke the feeling of love by being loving to yourself in the manner in which you speak.

Often we can craft or communicate special words to others, giving praises, love, and attention to all the wonderful parts of them that spark joy in us.  

What about you sparks joy in you?

What makes you lovely and loveable?

Practice learning and saying what makes you loveable more than anyone else that you know.

Express Love for Yourself Through a Love Letter

It may feel different, but take time to put into written words the love you see in yourself.

Let the words spill over the page sharing all the different ways that you inspire the strong and seemingly unbridled emotions of love and adoration.

Once you have it written, read your love letter to yourself every day. 

Speak to yourself with emotion. Be sure to translate not only the words but the emotion of love to yourself.

You are in love with yourself. So say it and mean it.

Find a quiet space where no one is around to hear you but you and speak love to yourself.

  • Sit in your car speaking your love language to yourself while everyone else thinks you’re on a call
  • Wait until the house is empty and take a private movement to sing your own praises
  • Whisper your love letter to yourself while the dryer running masks your voice

Never miss a moment to say loving words to yourself every day. 

Add to your love letter every time you notice another piece of you that is loveable.  

You are an ever-expanding expression of love.

Capture your words, keep them close, and repeat.  Your self love lyrics will be life-changing.

Self Love Tip#2: Practice Self Love Through Sensual Pleasure

how to love yourself

Using our senses of taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell, we experience and enjoy the world in vast and immersive ways.

Not only does each sensation bring with it its own unique pleasures, but they can be combined in an infinite number of ways and permit a symphony of blending that is soul soothing.

Be creative in the use of your senses and the honoring of love between you and you.

  • Make yourself a breakfast, lunch, or dinner for one and spoil yourself with all your favorite pleasures for your meal. Spare no expense on your drink or your entree but instead focus on what brings you joy. What aromas make you lose time and space? What tastes make you smile? What simply looks beautiful on a plate? This is your gift to yourself so excite all of your senses when giving it to you.

  • Buy yourself your favorite flowers in abundance. Decorate every corner of your room with them. Let the bright or soothing colors make you feel as if you have walked into a sunbaked garden. Does their smell remind you of another romantic time? Are you transported to a place in your childhood? Let their magic make you fall in love with life again…and you.

  • Go for a walk through a tucked-away vintage clothing and art store. No one but you would know that you would love this. Let your fingers touch every single unfamiliar piece that your eyes land on. See if anything you feel sparks joy. Buy a small little trinket just to tuck it away in your nightstand drawer. Visit your reward as a reminder of giving yourself time to spend time with you and gifting your senses with the experience.

Your exploration of self love through your sensations is limited only by your imagination. 

Ideas for Pleasuring Your Senses and Loving Yourself are Endless

ways to love mysel

You choose what your senses want to experience and give to yourself what you know that you call out for. Instead of explaining the details to someone else and using words to translate what feels good to you, give to yourself instinctively.

  • Maybe it is the sultry feel of satin sheets on your bed and the soft lightness of silk and lace on your waist as you put on a beautiful new piece of lingerie

  • Download your favorite artist, basking in well-crafted lyrics, expertly played instrumentals, and images of an artist sharing their talent as if only for you

  • Walk outside barefoot the next time it rains and wander from grass to concrete to dirt just to feel the different textures and temperatures on your feet

You are the master of the feeling that lifts you, a gift that only you will know how to curate to perfection.  

The purpose is to experience your gift as a genuine reflection of your points of pleasure.  You know yourself enough and love yourself enough to bring together all that would be perfect for you.

Self Love Tip #3: Practice Self Love Through Self-Reflection

ways to love yourself

Thinking about yourself in loving ways is its own form of self love.

Bringing together different moments in your life that represent why you are love is an awakening. 

See your life as if a movie, taking a close-up look at the small, almost insignificant signs, of the love that you exude without thinking.

  • You are the giving spirit that gives a $20 bill to a homeless man without a second’s hesitation. 

  • Remember your warm smile cast across the park when you shared an accidental glance with a woman with tears in her eyes.  You didn’t know what hurt, but you thought a soft smile might help. 

  • You are the one who gave up your place in line, your seat on the bus, your question in class and permitted someone else to have their needs met before your own.

You are the wonder that changes the world every single day in every single way.

Take the moment to recognize the love that you are to your family, to your friends, even to strangers. You are also that loving spirit to yourself. 

Reflect on How Well You Love You

Recall when you didn’t answer the phone as you prioritized making your bath water and preparing to relax. 

Remember the strong but kindly relayed words that you gave to your boss when you declined to sacrifice your weekend for the job.

Relish in the memory of your scheduled spa day after a hectic holiday week of planning, cooking, and hosting. 

You are a beautiful reflection of self love and a model of self care and attentiveness.

Take the time to bring these instances to mind. 

Write them down. Reread your notes.  Celebrate your actions. 

Define love by both who you are and what you do.

Claim your self love by catching yourself in action. 

You define by your actions what love-in-motion is. And true self love is acknowledging yourself and showing yourself appreciation for your loving nature.

Self Love Tip #4: Practice Self Love Through Gifts & Gratitude

You deserve to be gifted. 

To experience a gift well-delivered takes thought, contemplation, and a special knowing of your needs and wants.

A wonderful way to love yourself well is simply the act of giving to yourself. To embody the act of giving and receiving by your own hand is an elevated form of love and gratitude because it is combined.

When giving to yourself size does not matter. However, meaning is everything.

Explore Making Special Self Gifting Moments 

  • Save what you can for 3 months, 6 months, or even a year.  Use the outcome of your savings stockpile as a means to acquire a special item, especially for you. See the power of setting regular intentions to invest in giving to you.

  • Create a special morning by placing a bottle of water, bowl of fruit, or scented candle by your bed. Wake up in remembrance that you went to sleep with thoughts of making your morning perfect.

  • Have your favorite treat tucked in the back of your freezer just for you.

  • Put a treasured photo in your planner just to make you smile.

  • Take a solo drive through a beautiful neighborhood on an early Saturday morning just because it pleases you and gives you peace.

Be Creatively Kind in Showing Yourself Love with Intention

how to love yourself first

  • Wash your bedsheets with your favorite essential oil or add your favorite scent to your shampoo. 

  • Gather fresh wildflowers or pine cones in a bowl as your gift of nature to you for your desk or at home.

  • Take 30 minutes to pull together your favorite love songs playlist that speaks to how you love others or, most importantly, how you love yourself. 

Be mindful of the thoughtfulness behind the gifts you give to yourself. 

Let your thoughts reflect what is important to you, what is sentimental to you, and what represents joy in physical form.

You deserve to be seen in love and light and to be shown gratitude for your presence. 

Self love through gifts and gratitude demonstrates the intimate self awareness you have of yourself and the opportunity to give self love in the most special of ways.

Self Love Tip#5: Practice Self Love with Body Care

So often it is thought that to enjoy the sensation of touch we must engage with something outside of ourselves.  But learning to share kindness with your own body can be the greatest gift of self love. 

Self-attention through touch can be meaningful and nurturing.

how to love your self tips

There is an opportunity in each day to slow down, become present, and feel different in our own hands.

  • Taking a shower provides space to wash your hair and provide yourself a scalp massage.  Especially using the soft elixir of a fragrant conditioner, both your head and your hands can enjoy the process.

  • Consider the sensations of cleansing your body with intention.  Attending to every part of you can be a loving way to say that every part of you is important.  Know the feel of each part of your body, especially those parts that may not always get attention. 

  • After exiting a bath or shower, you can give time to provide yourself a full body massage with oils and creams.  A beautiful expression of self love and personal attention can be had through Ayurvedic self-massage. Combining the care and caress of your skin with the relaxation of your muscles can be refreshing. 

Placing the kindness of your body in your own hands can be a perfect expression of self love one touch at a time.

Your attention to every subtle detail is how your self love commitment comes to life.


The practice of self love is an intimate expression of love especially for you by you.

When you are able to define what love means to you and then take on accountability to give love to you, you provide an endless channel of loving experiences for yourself.

Prioritize self love to know and appreciate yourself more and to provide opportunities for more kindness, calm, beauty, and special memories in your life.

You are the most important person in your life. Take action to show your importance to yourself. Through regular practice of self love and care in how it is delivered, you will experience an even better version of yourself.

Start applying these self love tips today and see how self love is life-changing.

How do you practice your self love? Are you truly starting with intention for the first time? Share your story in the Comments below. And take a look at these post for more ideas too!

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