Powerful and Positive Affirmations to Support You on Your Weight Loss Journey

Any form of physical transformation is a process and can certainly take you on a personal transformation journey.  Not only do you have the goals of creating a specific change to your body but you also have new education, systems, routines and mindset that must also be incorporated.

It is important to arm yourself with the right tools and support to accompany you and to create a path of encouragement and clarity to bring you to your point of success. 

Positive affirmations are just one of many tools that can support your progression forward.  Affirmations are powerful tools that reinforce positive thoughts, promote a lifted presence, and create a strong emotional set point.  Powerful and positive affirmations can serve as a means of encouragement even when moving through particularly difficult stages of your weight loss journey.

Incorporate the use of positive affirmations regularly and feel empowered through confidence, self-encouragement, and self-acceptance. 

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How Positive Affirmations Support You on Your Weight Loss Journey

While transitioning your body may require adjustments to your daily regimen, your nutritional planning, your physical activity, and changing your habit of thought are equally important.  

Positive affirmations can provide an encouraging, uplifting, and powerful pattern of self-talk that can help shift your mindset and the mental image of yourself.  While you have identified that change is necessary for your body, this does not mean that you simultaneously promote disfavor for your body in its current state.  In other words, you do not have to motivate yourself to be healthy by habitually putting yourself down for not being at your healthiest.  

Instead, use positive affirmations and other forms of self-care and self-love to influence gratitude for your body.  Personal physical changes can create improvement in your bodily function, appearance, and movement.  But you can still have gratitude that you start with a body that provides you the gift of life and the ability to change and transform as you need it to.  Reinforce this knowing and acceptance through regular use of positive affirmations. 

Positive Affirmations and Negative Self-Talk

When you are not currently at the weight you would prefer or believe to be necessary for your optimal health, you can feel discouraged.  These feelings of discouragement can often translate into unfavorable thoughts and words that you repeat to yourself.  

Positive affirmations can offer a means to break the chain of negative self-talk and influence better thoughts and feelings about yourself.  Try these methods as examples of how to introduce positive affirmations to combat your negative self-talk habit:

1. Pause and redirect 

You are in the midst of telling yourself that you are “too fat” or “just unhealthy”, take a pause and just breathe.  Acknowledge at that moment that these types of comments are not helpful and unnecessary.  Then softly redirect with a positive affirmation that you truly believe, such as, “I have genuine love and care for myself”.  Know that if this statement is true then your negative self-talk has no place in your life and release it. 

2. Adopt a daily mantra

Choose a positive affirmation that resonates with you and feels powerful that you can repeat daily.  Power statements can stand strong in front of other thoughts that do not feel good to you and that do not serve you.  Use an affirmation, such as, “I am dedicated to being my best self” and let it be the refrain in your mind throughout the day.  You will notice that it is difficult to utter your normal negative self-talk behind such a powerful statement.  And this can help cut down the frequency of negative thoughts in your normal thought cycle. 

3. Create visuals

In the course of your day, it can be easy to forget to interject new sayings and instead repeat what you have always said.  Placing your positive affirmations within your daily line of sight can assist with creating your new positive habit.  Write your positive affirmations in your daily planner.  Print out and frame your positive affirmations and place them by your bathroom sink.  Change your phone screensaver or schedule an alarm to remind you to repeat your positive affirmations during the day and watch what happens. 

Positive Affirmations and Negative Outside Influences

Positive affirmations can also help you to combat the unwanted input you may receive from others. 

It is unfortunate, but sometimes true, that others may reflect negative thoughts about you.  You may be subject to family, friends, and others expressing their negative comments and opinions about your current weight or physical appearance.  

Reducing your exposure to these negative influences can be extremely beneficial.  But when that is not possible or realistic, you can alternatively use positive affirmations repeated to yourself to combat the influence of their negative disposition towards you. 

Challenge yourself in midst of or immediately after receiving negative feedback to redirect the unconstructive thoughts others may have inspired within you. Recant your positive affirmations in your mind to yourself.  Or, find ways to transform the negative feedback you received into a new, powerful affirmation moving forward.  Take the time to empower yourself with the right words versus falling victim to someone else’s poorly selected words that do not fit the narrative you want to live. 

50 Positive Affirmations to Support Your Weight Loss Journey

What I Believe About Me

  1. I have a genuine love and care for myself
  2. I encourage myself to be better and better
  3. I support my dreams through my thoughts and actions 
  4. I believe in my ability to achieve my goals 
  5. I am fully capable of personal change
  6. I love myself and so I do my best for myself
  7. I will never be willing to give up on me
  8. When I want to change I create change
  9. I am strong and powerful
  10. I am excited about what I am destined to become

How I Treat My Body

  1. My body is my temple
  2. I honor my body through my care and attention to it
  3. I give myself love, care, and tenderness
  4. I am thankful for all that my body does for me each day
  5. I am grateful for every single thing my body can do, big or small
  6. I love myself as I am and see my potential to be even more
  7. I reflect to myself the beauty that I possess every day
  8. I look for the beauty in myself and celebrate it
  9. I honor my body by speaking of my body with respect
  10. I look upon myself with loving eyes and an open heart

What I Believe About My Focus

  1. I put time and energy into what is important to me
  2. I prioritize myself because I deserve to be a priority
  3. I am consistent even when it is hard 
  4. I have tremendous internal strength
  5. I focus on what I want and release distractions that do not serve me
  6. I take command of my mind and direct my actions with intention
  7. I fulfill my dreams by keeping my commitments  
  8. I am a force to be reckoned with
  9. I possess mental toughness and fortitude
  10. I am strong

 How I Treat Myself

  1. I make promises to myself and I keep them
  2. I am dedicated to being my best self
  3. I commit to loving myself through my thoughts, words, and actions
  4. I remind myself every day how beautiful I am
  5. I acknowledge to myself every step I have made in the right direction
  6. I forgive my mistakes and love myself for my attempts
  7. I am my biggest supporter
  8. I treat myself like a champion
  9. I never lose sight of my wins
  10. I take time every day to encourage myself

How I See My Future

  1. I am excited for the energy, strength, and flexibility I have created for myself
  2. I am happy to be all that I knew I could be
  3. I take pride in staying true to myself
  4. I am a reflection of the love that I feel for myself
  5. I represent confidence, love, and self-care
  6. I commit to caring for myself, mind, body, and soul, always
  7. I make habit of taking care of myself in the best way possible
  8. I love myself for who and what I am
  9. I respect my commitment of love and honor to myself
  10. I am an amazing human being

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What words do you say to keep your mind pointed in the right direction when you are creating change in your life?  How have affirmations helped you to improve your mindset?  Share your comments in the Comments section below.  And if you think these affirmations can help someone you know, be sure to Share this post!

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