How to Convert Positive Affirmations for Confidence at Work into Powerful Journaling Prompts

The concerns and mounting pressures in your job can leave you all too often plagued with anxiety and lost in trying to find ways to overcome self doubt.  Even when you know what you are capable of, constantly changing protocols, deadlines, leadership, and direction can leave you feeling confused, insecure, and inept.

It is important to do your best every day and throughout the day to recenter yourself and to bring back calm, focus, and balance when you can.  And while doing this may prove to be difficult, it is never impossible.

Be diligent to wield for yourself the power of your mind and the direction of your thoughts.  With regular practice and reinforcement of healthy self care, self love, and self confidence practices you can regain control while working in an otherwise uncontrolled and imbalanced work environment.

Adopting a daily journaling practice with positive affirmations is just one way to soothe your insecurities and overcome self doubt while at work.


Using Daily Positive Affirmations

A daily positive affirmation practice is a useful routine or habit to introduce into your daily regimen.  The goal of any practice, routine, or regimen is to create consistency with needed or preferred actions that improve your quality of life. 

The regular use of positive affirmations serves as a tool to assist with improving your quality of life.  And, particularly, their use can help to create a habit of positive self talk that can ease your mind and redirect negative thinking. 

The source of your self doubt at work could be the influence of others in your environment, troubles in your work performance, or the anxiety you have internalized due to constant change and uncertainty.  But you can take action to overcome your self doubt, strengthen your self confidence, and be proactive in healing yourself.

Using Daily Positive Affirmations as Journaling Prompts

In addition to speaking your affirmations aloud or silently in your mind, you can also reinforce their positive impact through journaling.

Journaling can take many forms and affirmations may be infused into your journaling in many ways as well.  One method is to use the positive affirmations as a journaling prompt simply by writing the statement first and then following it with the question, “why?”

Making the statement, “I am gifted and talented”, for example, and then asking the question, “why” allows you to explore more deeply the meaning this statement has to you.   If you permit the exploration and find the statement to be truly valid, then you can reinforce this truth with explicit examples, feedback received from others, or positive experiences where you felt aligned with this truth.

If you do not feel that you are “gifted and talented” as the statement indicates you may not want to include it in your daily affirmation practice.  However, you may still choose to use it as a journaling prompt.  Now the question behind the statement changes from “why” to “why not”.  You can explore what makes you feel the opposite to this statement, whether it is this really your opinion or someone else’s, and whether there are ways to change your opinion to a more positive one.

Using journaling prompts is just one way of expanding the use of positive affirmations as a tool.  It can assist when you want to initiate a journaling practice but are not sure where to begin.  Or you can also use affirmations as journaling prompts as a means to greater personal exploration and self assessment.

No matter the method, regular use of journaling prompts and positive affirmations can be powerful tools to support building self confidence and overcome self doubt at work.

Positive Affirmations to Overcome Self Doubt at Work

Who I AM

I know who I am and because I do I feel confident in myself

  1. I am gifted and talented
  2. I am intelligent
  3. I honor who and what I am
  4. I am diligent and focused
  5. I make a difference
  6. I am a confident person
  7. I possess strength within myself
  8. I am enough
  9. I am confident in my abilities
  10. I am a contribution to myself and others around me

Truths I Know About Myself

I know these statements to be true and affirm them to myself

  1. I know that I do my best
  2. I am willing to learn new things
  3. I am in my position because I am capable
  4. I grow from my mistakes
  5. I am really good at what I do
  6. I can do what I set my mind to do
  7. I am allowed to be just as I am
  8. I keep getting better and better
  9. I own and embrace my imperfections
  10. I am worthy of success and praise for what I do

What I Think About Myself

I think well of myself and am confident of my thoughts and opinions

  1. I am proud of the work that I do
  2. I am confident that I can be successful
  3. I can rely on myself to do a good job
  4. I know that my thoughts and opinions matter
  5. I make a difference every day
  6. I am proud of who I am
  7. I know that my voice matters and I openly speak my mind
  8. I recognize and am proud of all that I am
  9. I am a uniquely special person
  10. My actions are of excellence

How I Treat Myself

 I am good to myself and practice self love regularly

  1. I remember to value myself throughout my day
  2. I prioritize taking care of myself at work
  3. I permit myself to take time to breathe
  4. I find talent within me any time I look for it
  5. I acknowledge myself when I do well  
  6. I am thankful for my gifts and talents
  7. I love myself fully and unconditionally
  8. I am successful and I enjoy my success
  9. I choose to embrace confidence
  10. I believe in myself

How I Treat Others

I am a good person and treat others well because of my values

  1. I share what I know confidently with others
  2. I treat others as I want to be treated
  3. I reflect to others the good that I see in them
  4. I choose to see the positive in others
  5. I treat others with respect and dignity
  6. I am a person of my word
  7. I commit to doing my best always
  8. I am compassionate and helpful
  9. I am happy to be of service to others
  10. I am willing to learn and willing to share

How I Conquer Self Doubt

I have confidence in myself and my ability to conquer self doubt

  1. I stand strong in the face of adversity
  2. I take time to say the right things to myself
  3. I support myself when facing challenges
  4. I exercise balance when my mind, body, and spirit require balance
  5. I promote the positive and gently move through the negative
  6. I know my worth
  7. I remember always what makes me powerful
  8. I treat myself with kindness, dignity, and compassion
  9. I am good to myself
  10. I accept that my fear exists and still permit my confidence to shine


Powerful positive affirmations produce powerful results.

Develop the habit of using positive affirmations daily to improve your self talk and to overcome your self doubt.  Find ways to incorporate not only the habit of speaking positive affirmations but using them in ways to encourage a more expansive understanding of yourself and as a means to encourage improved confidence in who and what you are.

You are capable of overcoming self doubt anywhere in your life including work. Take the time to take care of yourself and you can create improvement in your work life.

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