You May Be Casting Spells at Work (even a little Black Magic) and Don’t Even Know It!

Casting spells and other works of divination have had a resurgence of interest by many. 

Some have a devotion to these practices.

Now you may not be one to cast a spell or have any interest in magical ways, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t practice them.

Actually, you may have been spellcasting even today, and didn’t even realize it!

People often do things without realizing the power in what they do.

Mindlessly you can fall in with the crowd and not know the origin of the things that you think, do, or say.

Do you know the difference between affirmations and incantations?

Funny how they both involve repeating, almost chanting, words to promote a specific outcome.

How different is the definition of visualizing and conjuring

They both take a form of concentration, focus, and bringing things to mind, right?

Magic may be surrounded by ritual, ceremony, and mystery. 

But many of the basic steps are ones that we do every day.

Take into account the true power of your thoughts, words, and actions. 

When you do, you will see that you do a lot more than what you think you do.

For this reason, it is important to be mindful. Pay real attention to your daily practices.

Seriously, you may literally be casting spells.  Even at work! And have no clue that you’re doing it.

# 1 Projecting Negative Images (or Talking Negatively Behind Someone’s Back)


The power of mental projection or manipulating reality can be considered a magical power.

Not everyone possesses this gift and ability.

In its simplest form, it involves altering the thoughts and impressions of others and changing what they see as true.

You are the wielder of this power when you reconfigure others’ thinking to match your own.

Have you been casting this spell?


There is an art in creating imagery and using it to influence others. 

Even if what you share is based on fact, the real power is in your use of the details and application of your influence.

Steps you may take without even thinking are things like:

  • Capturing others’ individual attention privately so as not to have others muddy the opinions you share or offer counter opinions

  • Establishing how wrong a person is against what others believe to be an irrefutable wrong or right. This method makes it completely logical for others to agree with you in condemning the other person.

  • Invoking emotion regarding the perspective. Anger, shock, sincere disappointment. Once a specific person has had their character demonized, invoking emotion will further align others with your negative imagery.

  • Stating your argument repeatedly. The more you repeat the concern, cite more evidence, and stir the pot, the more people see things your way. The key here is acting repeatedly until the new imagery is cast and accepted by everyone that you intend to convince.


In short, create an image, demonstrate convincing proof, invoke emotion, and repetitively inject the new imagery you desire. 

Poof! You have put your spell in motion.

You may see these steps as simply telling the truth or venting out your concerns.

Opening others’ eyes to the reality of someone else’s ill-doing is only serving the greater good.

In reality, you are wielding your power to influence others, changing their thinking and focus, and making them align with your point of view. 

Is this spell casting? Or just a normal day of gossip in the office?

Be mindful of what you do or, possibly unintentionally, you could be doing much, much more.

#2 Cursing Someone (or Wishing That Someone Gets What They Give)


Have you been subject to someone treating you poorly at work?

You may have had rumors spread about your, been set up for failure on a project, or actually tattled on for coming in late. 

And, yes, all of this at work and not in high school!

Once you identified your nemesis, you may have wished for karmic consequences for their actions:

  • “That’s okay.  They’ll get what they’ve got coming to them”

  • “Her day will come”

  • “It’s all fun and games until it’s your turn”

  • “Someone will give them just what they gave me”

These statements alone are not powerful enough to create an immediate effect (unless you are more practiced than you realize!)

But when you seem to be almost at war with a co-worker or higher up, you may find yourself making these comments over and over again.

You may even envision a perfectly negative outcome that they well-deserve.


Seeing them make a mistake, you may silently wish that someone important finds out.

Hearing them lie, you may quietly pray for the truth to come to the surface and you watch them fall from grace.

Just tired of their presence, you may wish for them to get fired.

You may feel completely justified because of their behavior, but not realize that you have gone well beyond their negativity with your own.

You may not be chanting in the corner or picturing them in physical harm, but you subconsciously stay fixated on their karmic lessons coming to the surface.

But this makes it no less of a curse.

If you believe that this is not your nature, be mindful of your thoughts and actions. 

Be careful of what you wish for because you might just get it!

If you really feel in conflict with someone else, be brave enough to confront it.

Don’t wish the worst, but work toward the best outcome.

Otherwise, you may be putting bad intentions on their path without even knowing it.  

3. Incantation (or Problem Obsession)

If incantation involves the repetition of words for the purpose of creating a specific outcome, what happens when you obsessively say negative things to yourself?

  • Why am I terrible at this? Why am I terrible at this?  Why in the world am I so terrible at this?

  • This always happens to me.  This always happens to me.  This always happens to me!

  • I know they want to fire me.  I know they want to fire me.  I know they want to fire me.

And the list can go on and on.

The power of incantation, in this way, can be the same as drinking a slow-acting poison.


Each time that you recite your words you create another slice of life that is similar to the words you say.

At first, you develop your pattern. 

You find a series of words or phrases that identify well with the negative thoughts and emotions that you want to express.

Then you start creating an evidence trail by restating your words every time a like situation or emotional status occurs.

Soon you find yourself in a worse and worse position.  Otherwise meaningless events now have substantial meaning and prove your lack of worth and failure.

You begin to believe in your words and phrases and they define the life that you live at work.


You may not fail at your project, but you also do not do your best.

You’re still employed, but your performance steadily declines.

The fearful image of your demise becomes your frightful reality.

You have effectively cast a spell upon yourself through the power of incantation.

Take the opportunity to become aware of these unproductive patterns.

Mindfully change the direction of your thoughts and, most importantly, your words.

Use the power of repetition and create a pattern of positive, hopeful, and optimistic words that encourage you instead of breaking yourself down.

4. Casting the Evil Eye (or Spreading Your Bad Attitude)


This likely is an event that happens to everyone.

You cannot hide the look on your face when you see someone you sincerely do not like come into the room.

Some may do it intentionally, but, honestly, others just wear their emotion all over their face. 

The person who burns a hole through your soul walks by, and casually talks to other people, and your eyes follow them with a piercing gaze.

On one hand, you say you could care less that they are in the room.  On the other hand, you feel compelled to watch their every move until they are completely away from you.

In addition to the cold silent stare oozing from your eyes, your mind cannot be controlled from remembering all the reasons you cannot stand this person.


It may not even be anything that they have done to you. 

You simply don’t like what they are about.

Your thoughts, your emotions, and most of all your glance upon them, all invoke a stale, displeasure that borders between disgust and hate.

You have cast the spell of the evil eye.

And potentially without realizing you have projected negative images, cursed their very existence, and wished the worse through incantation all at the same time!

This is the power of disfavor, it can control you and change the disposition of the person on whom you place your focus.

But realize, it didn’t have to!


What you may not realize is that you are projecting your emotions through your energy, your posture, and your facial reactions toward another person that they then absorb.

This may have never been their intention but they, unfortunately, took in what you feed them repeatedly.

Now, you feel a sense of distance and disdain because the other person is reacting to your attitude and displeasure.

In fact, you are receiving exactly what you’ve been giving.

Be mindful of what you would prefer to happen instead of concentrating on what has already happened.

Put forth effort in promoting a new future that will include peaceful interactions at work.

And see if you can cast your vision in a different, more productive, direction that benefits everyone.


Casting a spell is not just for witches and warlocks. 


People who follow no ceremony or dogma whatsoever may still be invoking and projecting power upon themselves or others.

The reality is that you may possess and use power without even realizing it on a daily basis. 

And the location does not matter.  It could be at home, within your neighborhood, or even at work.

Ignorance of an action does not mean that it cannot happen.  

And lack of intention does not render the action powerless. 

You may just have no idea what you are doing and the power in the actions you take.

So be mindful. 

Be intentional. 

And most of all be aware of what you think, do, or say. 

Accept that you are powerful and play an active part in the life that you live.

When you do, you can choose the best version of the life you want and do it on purpose.  

Have you been accidentally casting spells at work? Tell us your version in the Comments section below.

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