How to Make Your Dreams Come True: A Planning Guide

Making your dreams come true is what makes life worth living. 

However, the best-laid plans happen year after year and within weeks those best plans are forgotten.

Making your dreams a reality may not require work but it does require intention. 

Not to mention it can also require consistency, commitment, drive, and, well, remembering what your plan even is.

When you are starting to really wonder can your dreams come true, use these tips to finally see success in achieving what you dream of.

1. Having the Mindset of a Dreamer

Do you believe that your dreams can happen?  If not, then you are probably right.  

Opportunities and big achievements happen when you are open to the possibility of them happening.  

This simple yet crucial mindset shift permits you to find the seeds on the trail. 

How will you ever own a business if you never click yes on the random business ed webinar in your inbox?

How will you meet the man of your dreams if you decline every time a friend randomly asks you to go out to an event?

Yes.  Dreams do come true in unexpected ways and from unintended sources. 

And being open to life permits the inspiration and chance meetings to come to you.

What to Do If You Are Not Dreamer-minded

If you really want your dreams but know that you struggle with staying optimistic about them, you can start your work here.

Your work is not your dream.  Your work is to develop a dreamer’s mindset.  

A dreamer believes in what isn’t present today. And a dreamer believes that what looks impossible at this moment is still possible. 

Today, you may not have faith in your specific dream.  But you can have faith in yourself that you can make possible things actually happen.

Examine your history.  What have you accomplished that either you or someone else did not believe possible for you?

It doesn‘t have to be large or look like some type of miracle.  What is important is that you didn’t believe it was possible and then it was.

How did you create the possibility?

What changed in you that sparked your creativity?

When met with the challenge, what did you say to yourself?  And what did you continue to say to yourself until you achieved your goal?

Take the best parts of your process and apply it to your now.

This is the recipe to make dreams happen. Knowing that you are an alchemist of possibility.

What If I Have Never Made the Impossible Possible

You may not be giving yourself enough credit.  But that’s okay.

Maybe you have never had an impossible achievement. But you do know others who have.

Take time to speak with or research achievers that you know. 

Learn what made them dreamer-minded.  And take what resonates most to you and adopt it as part of your mindset.

What type of influence influences you?

A Dreamer Mentor

Spend your time with a person you know that already possesses the dreamer’s mindset. 

Get in their head.  Let them get in yours.  Find out how they developed the skill that you now are looking to have.

You may be amazed to find that many dreamers did not start out that way. 

They also were skeptical, cynical, and doubtful.  

However, those attributes do not make dreams come true. Find out how they abandoned the mindset of disbelief and adopted the art of the dream.

Affirmations for Dreamers

Mental chatter can be pre-programmed to repeat what is. However, in the land of the dreamers, you need to speak on what isn’t as if it were true.

For many that is too far of a jump. 

It can feel like a lie to say something that does not actually exist.

It is important not to take too far of a leap in what you say that it tears away at your faith.

Affirm what you believe and as your beliefs get stronger challenge yourself to stretch further.

For example, you may not be able to tell yourself that you are a millionaire today when you’re not.

But you may be able to believe that you are a millionaire in the making.

Or you may feel better to say that you believe that you attract abundance.

Accepting the value of what is currently around you lays the groundwork for believing what else could come.

A dreamer will see themselves as a millionaire in their infancy stages and build belief that what they desire is sure to come.

Dreamers Inspiring Stories

There are a million dreamers who exist who made the impossible happen.

Everyday people have had their dreams come true.

Let the stories of those who made what seemed like miracles happen serve as inspiration for the possibility of what can happen in your life.

Too often we abandon our child-like belief of the potential of what can be in exchange for what we can see, taste, touch, or smell.

When this is the case, make the impossible more real by showing yourself the reality of dreams coming true.

The model discovered walking down a city block. The movie star who had their start by only coming to accompany a friend at an audition. The iconic meeting of a CEO in the back seat of a cab.

Believe that dream-come-true moments happen more often then you think. Many dreams have very humble and simple beginnings.

Creating a dreamer’s mindset brings your dreams closer faster simply because you believe. So give yourself something to believe in.

2. Defining Your Dream

What exactly is a dream? We all want and desire different things at different times. But is that the same as having a dream?

A true dream is significant, possibly life-changing to you. It’s not just a passing interest. 

A dream is something that if you could achieve, you believe that it could change your life for the better.

Your dream can be a physical item like a home.  Or it could be a new way of doing something like earning more money or crushing it playing a particular sport. 

It could also be an experience that you simply long to have like traveling to a foreign country or having a dream wedding.

Dreams can also be a state of being. 

You may want to be the happiest, healthiest, or the most creative that you ever have been. 

Dreams are not SMART goals(specific/measurable/achievable/realistic/time-based), though sometimes they can resemble them. 

Remember that you are framing for yourself what you truly want, regardless of whether or not it seems achievable or realistic.

You also may have never experienced any part of your dream before, so you may have no idea how much time it takes or how exactly to achieve it.

The way to your dream can be hazy, but make what your dream is crystal clear.

The 3Cs of Dreamweaving


Your dream is one that you feel compelled to achieve.  There is an energy or passion that resonates when you think of achieving your dream.

This energetic signature is a necessary component.  When practical action is absent sometimes you will move forward simply because you are compelled.

When considering your dreams, consider whether or not you feel compelled to bring it to life in order to live your best life.


The nature of your dream should be clear to you. 

You should be able to translate your dream into words or expressions that you clearly understand. 

At times you will be faced with unusual life circumstances that will lead you to your dream.  Understanding what you seek with clarity will make it easier to follow uncommon or unexpected paths toward your dream.

Also, while it is not necessary to share your dreams with others, clarity can serve you when you do.

When you are able to easily articulate what you want, others may be in a position to support you.

Know what you want, why, when, or even how if the journey to achievement is part of what is important to you.

The more clear you can be the more tangible your dreams can become in your mind.  


Your dream should be central to you at this moment.  Wants that you have that are a future priority are not dreams, but ideas.

A dream is a must-have of value.  It is a centerpiece to what you define as your good life. 

And while you can have more than one dream and more than one priority, there is a carved-out place of importance for any single dream that you have.

Just as you can have many close family members, friends, and possessions, your dream deserves a place in your heart all its own.

Ensuring this centrality to your dream ensures it will remain a priority until it is fulfilled.  

3. Maintaining Passion for Your Dream

On most occasions, the hard part isn’t writing out what you dream to be, do, or have.  The hard part is the follow-through.

The fire goes out and then there is no heat left to get it burning again.

Dreams are not always easily translated into daily priorities.  But making what you dream a daily priority will make it a reality.

What small idea or movement can you incorporate into your daily schedule that directly corresponds with your dream?

  • Take a picture of your dream and save it as your screen saver on your phone.  Acknowledge your plan to have your dream daily
  • Make a savings jar or box and put any money you can into the container daily toward your dream.  (Create a regular schedule of when the money moves to a savings account).
  • Take a class.  Watch a YouTube video.  Read or listen to a book.  Listen to a podcast.  Ingest information related to your dream daily.
  • Take actual action.  Invest. Buy equipment.  Set meetings with important stakeholders. Create a business plan. Visit a jewelry store. Go to the gym. Based on whatever your dream is take action daily, big or small, toward your goal.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Creating small micro-steps toward your dream can make the progress more achievable.

Every single sign of progression will not happen in leaps and bounds.  And that’s okay. 

The goal is to keep mindful, to keep positive, and to keep moving. 

If you do not have any logical or inspired step to take today, simply focus on your mindset.

  • Review your Vision Board or make one if you have not already
  • Journal regarding your dream, what you have accomplished thusfar, and how you will feel when you complete your goal
  • Talk to others about your dream, especially those who have similar interest
  • Just take a simple moment to say and believe, one day.

While these steps may seem small, they are significant.

Your dream does not need to be your obsession but it does need to be a part of your daily thoughts.

Even keeping the thought of your dream in the forefront of your mind is a powerful step in moving in the right direction to achieve it.

When Your Fire Flutters

Now, there may be days that no motion forward makes you feel negative. Even a micro-step of thought on your dream makes you feel sad that it is not yours today.

In these moments, you may even think to give your dream away.

Don’t let your fire die. Instead, fan your flame differently

Your small step forward may be to abandon the thought of your dream’s absence in exchange for a happier moment.

Give into the joys that you have and remember that you already have so much to be thankful for.

Return to focusing on your mindset and becoming dreamer-minded. The belief in the possibility should feel just as good as your dream.

When you have returned to center then you can return to putting your dream into action.

But remember no dream can exist in a mind focused on its absence.

4. Plan to Change Your Plan

When making a dream happen, there really is no exact plan.  Dreams come true. But plans are meant to fall apart.

Be prepared to be flexible.

And be alert for reasons to become flexible.

Like life, your path to your dream will never be straight.  Learn to like living Life on The Curve. 

Because one door has closed does not mean that another one will not open.  So always keep your eyes open for alternatives.

Also, life will bring you more inspiration regarding your dreams.  What you once wanted with a passion may change because you have been introduced to something else.

Learn to appreciate that this may be a part of the process.

Your first dream may have always been intended to be the catalyst for your next.  Once you were inspired, you essentially completed the first step on your path.

Give room for your heart’s desires to become bigger and more meaningful to you.

When this occurs, don’t forget to recalibrate your system. 

  • Check on your mindset. 
  • Create your definition
  • Fuel your passion
  • And be prepared for anything

Once you’ve mastered the process, you can change your dreams into whatever you want them to be. And have 100% faith that you can make them happen.


Making dreams happen is not for everyone.  Some people are only meant to pick up the pen sitting right in front of them.

But some are willing and able to reach into their mind and imagine the invisible. 

Some can name what they want and believe it can happen.  Others will continually let their dreams evolve.

No matter what, be one who is willing to think about your dreams and breathe life into them every day.

It is the art of dream-weaving and dream-believing that will make the biggest difference in your life.

Once mastered you will become one of those special few who get to say:  

Isn’t it wonderful when dreams come true!

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