How to Use Law of Attraction Affirmations

Knowledge of the law of attraction provides a basis of understanding for the experiences that occur within your life. Law of attraction affirmations complement your active engagement in directing your thoughts, raising your vibration, and working in harmony with the law of attraction.

Using the law of attraction affirmations can serve you by:

  • reinforcing the principles of the law of attraction in your mind
  • increasing your mindfulness of the law of attraction’s influence and power in your daily life, and
  • acting as a means to remember and reiterate to yourself your role as a powerful being who has a direct impact on your personal experience of reality

The law of attraction affirmations shared within this post are offered as a means to reinforce the basic principles of the law of attraction to whoever chooses to repeat them.  The goal is to intentionally integrate positive thoughts and imagery, inspire optimism and gratitude, and make accessible one of many means to redirect thought in a direction that serves your highest good.

How to Use Law of Attraction Affirmations

The purpose of adopting regular affirmation use is to inspire, direct, and reinforce focus on the life experience that you choose to have.  Specific affirming statements and phrases can be elected with either broad or specific content aligned with your desired outcome.

When the affirmations are stated on a regular and consistent basis the content becomes part of your conscious thought.  As a result, you may find yourself reflecting on the content detail at several points within your day.  You may also use these affirming statements and phrases to replace undirected, misdirected, or negative thoughts.

This list of law of attraction affirmations is written to reflect a positive tone and an optimistic and empowered view.  These affirmations are also intended to act as a mechanism to resonate with you and your thoughts, emotions, and vibration and by doing so enhance your ability to manifest your intentions.

Building Your Affirmation Practice

As a matter of practice, you can use these law of attraction affirmations in whichever manner that provides you with a positive experience.  Suggested usage includes:

  • Choosing a singular affirmation as a focal point for a morning or evening meditation
  • Repeating one or two affirmations when using mala beads
  • Randomly selecting an affirmation and using it as a journaling prompt. 
  • Reading through an entire list or deck of affirmations three times and intentionally invoking positive emotion and inflection when reciting its content
  • Selecting an affirmation that represents a dominant personal focus and rewriting its content on paper or in a journal 10 to 15 times a day for a month (or for whatever repetition and frequency you see as a good fit for you)

The potential use of law of attraction affirmations is expansive and in no way should be restrictive.  You can choose creative ways to actively use, review, recant, or display your affirmations so as to have the greatest impact on you.

15 Law of Attraction Affirmations

  1. I excitedly anticipate good things to come into my life
  2. I am happy for any opportunity to be inspired to want more and to dream bigger
  3. I know that my powerful thoughts and positive emotions create my reality
  4. I have gratitude for all the good things that exist in my life today
  5. I am heavily focused on everything that makes me happy
  6. I know anything and everything in my experience has been attracted to me by me
  7. I am a powerful being
  8. I know that the law of attraction exists in my experience always
  9. I am aware that what I cannot see at this moment can still exist
  10. I can expect the experience in my life to be exactly what I believe it to be
  11. I still my thoughts and open my mind to gain inspiration for my next aligned step
  12. I am thankful in this moment
  13. I honor my thoughts and emotions as essential parts of my life experience
  14. I embrace relaxing and welcoming as the pieces of my life harmonize and come together
  15. I anticipate that this day will be a very good day

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