How to Energize and Maximize Your Giving Spirit

The Giving Spirit takes its form in many ways and inspires many people.  We all can use inspiration at times when living such busy lives to find ways to energize and maximize our Giving Spirit.

When you want to be more and give more, your heart can be in the right place and your mind can be all over the place.

You can find yourself saying that you would do more if you only knew how or where to go. 

It seems easy for some but the reality is:

Not All People Know Exactly What to Do. 

how to volunteer

It is the reason why donating money at a supermarket cash register or contributing through auto-deduction at work is effective. 

When you don’t know what to do, you try to at least attempt to do something.

When you are looking for ways to fire up your Giving Spirit, know that you can energize the gift of giving in 100s of ways. 

To maximize your Giving Spirit, you need only a little ingenuity and a willing heart to make more happen.

Here are a few ideas that can inspire you at any time of year to energize and maximize your Giving Spir

Give Time and Give Back to Your Community

There are many organizations that look for helping hands to reach their charitable goals. 

Food Banks need support to organize and box foods to share with families within the communities. 

While we may live in a land full of abundance there are still many who do not have access to meals day-to-day. 

Providing meal access is both through food donation and food material organization and distribution.  Helping hands help to keep the process chain moving.

giving spirit

Food Pantries and Homeless Shelters and Soup Kitchens all collect and distribute food donations.

They also provide locations for hungry people with limited to no resources to go to receive prepared meals. 

If you have skills in the kitchen or are willing to learn from other trained staff, you can be of expert help.

how to give back to the community

In your giving of your time, you are also giving gifts of health and nutrition throughout your community. 

Give Talent to Maximize Your Giving Spirit

There are more than 1 million non-profit and charitable organizations in the U.S. and more than 10 million in the world. 

The opportunity to provide support through the donation of your skills and abilities is vast.

Your interest to help may only require an email inquiry or phone call.

Research non-profits in your area to see where they are.  Then contact them to see what they may need that you can provide.

Now is not the time to be modest, embrace what you know and be open to sharing. 

Share your talent and get your Giving Spirit in gear

  • If you know marketing, you may be able to help support advertising a fundraising campaign
  • Have talent with business writing? You may be able to support creating grant applications
how to give back without money
  • If you know recruiting, you may be able to teach out-of-work individuals how to create a resume or how to interview
  • Are you a local leader? You may be able to mentor local students studying in your field
  • If you know accounting, you may be able to teach a budgeting class or help an organization improve their bookkeeping processes
  • As an experienced event planner, you may be able to support organizing a charitable drive
the giving spirit volunteer
  • If you are a community or public servant, you may be able to help with local organization networking and resource sharing
  • And, if you can simply read, you may be able to spend time reading to an elderly person in hospice or reading to a children’s group at a shelter

The options are endless and the leverage of your skills to support non-profit organization needs could be of tremendous benefit to many.

Give Materials and Invest in Your Community

We are constantly surrounded by things and not everything that surrounds us is something that we need. 

Sharing items from our homes, our workplaces, our vehicles, or purchasing items to share is a beautiful way to make accessible useful items that others may need far more than we do.

how to give back

Donating goods and materials is not only of benefit to the people or organizations looking for support.

It also is a tremendous way to honor the various products that we are able to craft, make, construct, and use to enhance our lives. 

Look at your old possessions as once needed, useful, decorative, or simply required for your daily living. 

If today, you no longer require these items then give thanks for what they once provided you and then pass on the blessing.

Many items, any items, new or gently used can be of a true gift to someone in need. 

When thinking of what to give, focus on the need and be inspired

Download Infographic here

Give Kindness and Energize Your Giving Spirit

Often when thinking of giving, we look to serve the most desperate in our communities. 

This is our Giving Spirit coming to life and shining light where it is most needed.

However, we do not have to go in search of those in need to give life to the art of giving.

We instill a Giving Spirit when we naturally give to anyone we see at any moment of the day. 

Do not hesitate or wait for an organized event in order to give of your heart

Simple acts of kindness to share anytime

  • Open a door for the next person you can
  • Pay the toll for the person behind you in line
  • Carry the bags for the next person you see who may be carrying too many
the power of giving back
  • Offer help to your co-worker at work just because
  • Visit a neighbor with flowers, a plant, or a dessert
  • Acknowledge the good job of those who can sometimes get passed by like a cashier or a gas station attendant
  • Ask your child’s school if you can participate in a preschool, kindergarten, or 1st grade class by reading a book or talking about your work
the giving spirit
  • Write an email or text to a relative or friend randomly and share why you think they are special
  • Say thank you to those who keep your community in order like your garbage collector or postal carrier

These may seem like trivial actions and not exactly as if you are giving. 

But the gift of kindness is how the Giving Spirit is born and grows in all of us.

It is when we show that the needs of others outweigh our own that we spark feelings of gratitude and love between us. 

As a giver, we are thankful to give and as a receiver, we are thankful to receive.


This Giving Spirit exchange is far bigger than the action between two people, it is the energy, emotion, and impression that we share that can literally span across the globe.

volunteer illustration

It is in the spirit of giving that we remember that we are a vast community across the planet, living together, supporting each other, and thriving together.

Energize your Giving Spirit every single day by looking for ways to Maximize what giving can be in every moment you can.   

Do you have other ideas to spark the Giving Spirit? If so, please comment below and share with everyone looking to give a bit more today!

And Don’t Forget: Download the Charitable Giving Infographic for future reference.

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