The Best Affirmations for Confidence When Quitting Your Job

Affirmations for confidence when leaving your job may seem like a strange thing to need. But quitting your job is a significant life decision.

Making changes in your career can cause you to reexamine your understanding of yourself, your goals, and your purpose in life. You take what you are and what you are doing and determine if you really are living the match you intended.

Once making the decision to move on, even with this close examination, you can start to doubt your decision. Instead of doubting yourself, take time to affirm your intentions.

Affirmations can serve as a powerful tool to:

  • Reconfirm Internal Knowing

  • Build Confidence in your ability to make personally aligned decisions, and

  • Create Momentum when taking your path forward

Know first that satisfying your practical needs in life, like earning money or having access to medical insurance, does not have to come at the sacrifice of Living Your Best Life.

Quitting your job does not have to be the catalyst to chaos but instead can be the Path To Freedom and the opportunity to live your life AND earn your living in the best way possible.

To reconfirm this critical knowledge, it is necessary to affirm to yourself that You Are On the Right Path.

Taking these steps can be a start to building confidence in your decision.

Below are the best Affirmations For Confidence to start your path toward your best decision.

Positive Affirmation #1: I Trust My Gut

quit job anxiety

Your gut is your intuition. It is your Divine Guidance at work.

For many, however, you can also literally feel a sensation when your gut is speaking.

Maybe you feel tightness in your abdomen in response to situations that cause stress, or concern, or put you on alert.

Conversely, you can feel butterflies when trying new things or when excitedly anticipating the pleasures of life.

This is part of your gut’s language, its means of communicating with you.

Your gut is your personal guide and it should be trusted.

The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become, the stronger you become, and the happier you become.

Gisele Bundchen

When you repeatedly feel as though you are not aligned with the work you do, the people you work for, or the company that you keep while at work, your gut will speak to you in tangible ways, especially when your mind may be ignoring the signs.

If you know that

  • you are making less than what your job is worth,
  • you are being treated inappropriately or unfairly by your boss,
  • you are not going to gain opportunities to advance where you are and advancement is your goal,

first your mind will perceive it but then your gut will speak it.

You will get all the internal alarms ringing and signaling that something has to change.

how to know to quit your job
What Your Gut Feels, You Feel

Do not become complacent to the point of sickness, constant anger, worry, panic, fear, or worse, overly questioning your internal knowing.

Trust instead that you have been provided a tool which has been, for your whole life, gaining more and more understanding and alignment of communicating consciously to you.

Survey your mind to assess your situation and trust your gut to point you to the right conclusion. It may simply be time to quit your job.

Positive Affirmation#2: I Know What To Do

“I would leave, but HOW?”

That is the question of all questions that almost everyone asks themselves when faced with big hairy decisions.  How?

time to quit your job
Sometimes Questions Come Before Answers; It’s Okay

By now you know that your personal life journey will always be filled with daunting circumstances that will challenge your skills, aptitudes, judgments, and thinking.

But remember too that, at this stage of your life, you have faced and conquered many challenges already. And you have figured out “the how” of many complicated things, likely more than what you give yourself credit for. 

Don’t walk away from this challenge so as to keep the convenience of familiarity, because at the same time you give away your opportunity for personal growth and life balance.


Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

Les brown

Transitioning from your job is just a puzzle to be solved, just like the 101 that you have already faced in the last month, last year, and last decade. You know that creating a simple plan of action and following up with execution can create an abundance of rewards for the effort. 

Affirm. You can do this.  And You Know What To Do

You can create an opportunity that far exceeds the job you are settling for today.

Your sound mind, body, and spirit will serve as the tools you use on this journey and also as the reward for having taken the steps forward.

You are equipped to quit your job.

Affirmation #3: I Am Confident That Now IS the Right Time

Time is a convenient master.  Often we become concerned with time only when we are concerned with control or have been the subject of control by others.

confidence to leave your job
Release the Bonds of Time

In reality, time is boundless. And when you relieve yourself of the opinion of others or free yourself from your own ill scrutiny you provide yourself the gift of any time being the right time.

Quitting your job is not a timing issue, it is an alignment issue. Either at this moment you are aligned with your job or you are not.

The decision to quit is made in a moment.

The plan to leave is timed with the steps that you decide to include to transition well.

You choose the timing for each step that best suits how you want to feel through each moment of your journey.

If you require more savings, you may provide yourself more time at your current job to build your nest egg, or you may leave immediately and take on an interim alternative job that is not a drain on your spirit while you save.

You may plan to remain another month or you may give 2 weeks’ notice today. What timing creates both internal balance and forward momentum for you?

What is immediate, and likely already to have happened, is your decision to go. Time is never a factor in your knowing. It is alive and active in every moment you breathe.

The answer to when is the right time, therefore, is that there can never be a wrong time. The right time is always now.

I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear.

rosa parks

Positive Affirmation #4: Failure Is Not My Destiny

The fear of failure is at the heart of all indecision.

But standing still is not the cure for failure or the key to success.

When you are meant to grow, flourish and evolve, the lack of moving toward your future is the main ingredient for assured failure.

It is important beyond all else to know that failure is not your destiny.

Failure is, however, a part of the hundred possible outcomes of life.

It is a probability that you can plan for and one that you can navigate should you find yourself in its clutch. Failure may come into your life, but it doesn’t have to take it.

courage to quit my job
You Decide If Successes Outweigh Your Failures

If your goal is to

  • become better at what you do,
  • fulfilled and aligned in what you do, and
  • grateful for what you have in your life because of what you are able to do,

failure is not an obstacle but a welcomed indicator proving that you are striving for all that you deserve.

No one can promise you that you will not fail.  But you can promise yourself that you will never give up

In your commitment to your journey and your highest self, you will know with conviction that quitting your job is your only option.

It’s time to move on and to allow yourself to become more.

Affirm what you know to be true. You can quit your job and achieve a better life.

Ready to Follow Your Intuition On This?

Here is your starter kit for taking your best step forward from here:

1. Do Your Daily Affirmations When Quitting Your Job

Every step we have reviewed is now meant to be your regular affirmation for confidence throughout the process of your job change.  So don’t miss a day and remember to say:

  • I trust my gut
  • I know what to do
  • I am confident that now IS the right time
  • Failure is not my destiny
  • I believe that I can quit my job and achieve a better life

You will gain greater momentum in following your intuition if you bring your energy to the right state as often as possible. Restate these affirmations each morning, with real meaning, intention, and focus, and allow your inspiration for change to flow.

2. Prepare For the Journey You Actually Want to Take

The reason you are taking the path to quit your job is to bring yourself into balance. Therefore, you want to ensure that you are prioritizing your balance throughout the process. 

As with any journey, make a checklist, pack what you need, and leave nothing behind.

Developing a solid plan can help place a solid foundation of trust in your decision making your journey feel like one you are excited to take.

Not sure where to start?  Read my post The Ultimate Guide for Leaving a Job Stress-Free outlining what to do after you have submitted your resignation.

3. Have a Vision Beyond Quitting Your Job

Now that you are ready to move on, it is important to keep your vision for the future in front of you. 

You already have new thoughts to say to yourself, and a plan of action to prepare for your transition, but what about the road ahead?

Your dreams may reside on your vision board but you can also create positive intention around all the micro-steps toward your dream. Download the Tools for the Best Resume Rebuild Ever and read our post on How to Get the Job You Really Want for more help along your way.

Affirming that you will quit your job just got easier.

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