YouTube Influencers You’ll Love that Help Make Household Management Easy

You don’t have to be a YouTube influencer to prove your mastery of household management but these YouTube influencers definitely have gained real social proof!

Social media has exploded with influencers of all types and many are bona fide experts in their respective fields.

Many people have the opinion that the depth of their expertise is real because it’s live for you to see in action and it comes across genuinely from the heart.

These well-practiced household organizers, decorators, caretakers, and more are genuinely living the life that they portray through their social media channels.

At a time when many women find themselves balancing personal care, household management, childcare, work, and personal relationships every single day, having a little bit of expert influence on holding it all together can be critical.

This is my personal go-to list of YouTube influencers, broken down by area of expertise, that have been most impactful to my daily life. You may find them incredibly useful for yours too:

Family Meal Planning


This fitness-focused, happily married mom of 4 has been in my kitchen for a few years now and I find her entertaining, REAL, and informative.

Her real-life expertise is in a variety of subjects:

  • Budget-friendly grocery planning
  • Freezer meals and prepared meal planning
  • Family, couples, and single-person meal planning
  • Kitchen tool recommendations
  • Homemade bread and other baked goods making
  • Being a hysterically fun mom!

Even if I don’t make what she conjures up with her seemingly effortless rummage through her pantry and fridge, I love watching her do it.

She seems to master any low-budget challenge, but also keeps to the fundamentals of pleasing her family with their favorites. I mean, she may be trying to entertain the world, but her family still has to eat!

While she has tons of videos, I particularly love this classic where she goes through a frugal meal plan for one person. I believe it gives an excellent snapshot of her genuine and caring personality, her informative and resourceful nature, as well as her talent for pulling a meal together in the clutch.

(Sometimes I keep her videos just running while I cook for just pure entertainment value and fun company!)

Home Organization


I stumbled into heaven when I found this channel. And because my house seems to birth paper, mismatched socks, random toiletries, kitchen tools, and all types of clutter like a bunny rabbit, I needed some household management and declutter expertise to get my life in order.

Cassandra (or Cass – since she has been broadcasting through my living room for years now, I feel I can call her that) is a Canadian decluttering genie. And she has perfected her process so much so that she actually went big time and got a show on HGTV (!) called Hot Mess House.

But again, I, virtually, knew her back when.

And genuinely have had life-changing organizational improvement as a result.

She fits my YouTube watching standards of being Real, informative, and entertaining.

But what I love is that she is practical and flexible in her solutions.

She has even given little precious buggy categories to your organizational type to help you find your way to your personal cozy, homey, organized system just for you. But rather than give you that whole breakdown, I will just encourage you check it out for yourself and find your organization style.

Here is an example of her real-life expertise of household management through order and decluttering that will give you real insights to her skill. Selfishly, I am sharing her review of the Ladybug style of organization because, well, this is totally me!

(Oh, and one more tip. If you want to really hurt your face laughing, stay to the very end of her videos. More times than not she has a hilarious real-life story to share that is absolutely priceless!!)

Daily Household Management


A home cleaning and organization channel may not be your entertainment of choice for binging on a Saturday afternoon, but when I watch Hamimommy, I am in pure bliss!

I am not sure if it is how she makes household management look like a dream.

The ASMR-quality of every single movement through her home.

Or the pleasant music that she adds from time to time for just a bit of variation in the symphony of sharing her life.

I just love watching her!!!

And what I also love is that even if I don’t have time to read her captions, I can learn from her just in her doing.

(But don’t be fooled. There is magic in her captions.)

Not only is she thorough and thoughtful in what she does and how well it works for her in her daily processes, but she is also extremely transparent.

This transparency in her household management methods allows you to learn from her mistakes and grow with her when trying other options. Priceless!

This channel reviews all elements of life, cooking, cleaning, home repair, childcare, husband care, all of it. And it is simply beautiful as well as her lovely home.

In fact, I do not think words do this artwork of homelife captured on video justice. And if you don’t believe me, just watch:

Let’s just pause as I get more and more excited going through this list of gurus!

You will find no other article like this on my site, at least not at the moment. Because this is not my usual writing style.

But I am sharing these champions like a proud family member, and it is because they ARE like family. I truly watch, follow, subscribe and listen to their advice like I actually know them. #facts

So let’s continue….

DIY Household Management & Organization


Kathyrn is a joy and the official Dollar Tree aficionado.

Because of her, I have a whole new respect for what I can do with every dollar I spend.

Kathryn is a married mom of 2. And I have followed her long enough to watch her family grow, her residence change, and for her to apply all of her DIY expertise throughout all the changes.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Budget-friendly organization
  • DIY household organization and decor
  • Small space organization
  • Kitchen organization
  • Child’s room organization
  • Pretty much every room organization
  • Low-cost meals
  • Look-a-like, budget-friendly DIY projects

While Do It on a Dime covers many different stores, thrift items, and repurposing of household goods, the pillar of education and resource comes from her Dollar Tree knowledge.

Watch her Dollar Tree content for a solid day and you will feel like you earned a diploma on the subject.

What is uniquely special is that Kathyrn has genuinely lived life as a mom on a budget, helping her family and her friends with doing the most with just a little. And she takes the time to create options and outcomes that, while inexpensive, look stylish and trendy.

You never feel that you have to settle for discount but instead that you made style for a discount! (I need to copyright that lol).

Here is one of her classic videos that I believe well demonstrates the layers of details, resourcefulness, and creativity that she shares all the time:

Household Cleaning


When trying to figure out your way in all the things that make you a mom, it’s nice to see a good mom in action and feel inspired.

That is the experience with Amanda as she opens her home and all the real-life breakdowns and clean-ups that come in the process.

Her channel covers all the details of household management like home projects, home organization, and room decor.

But my binge of choice is her Clean With Me videos. All the rage on YouTube, I only watch Amanda. And it is with good reason.

  • Her music selection is soothing or softly upbeat enough to run in the background while you’re cleaning away

  • She offers intermittent commentary sharing her day-to-day challenges and ideas for real problem resolution

  • She has a variety of Clean with Me videos that also include meals, seasonal decor, or household management routines. It leaves you feeling like you are learning as you go, like a really, really good best-selling audiobook

Here is a sample of the best of what This Crazy Life has to offer when you need a cleaning buddy and so, so, so much more:


Household management can be overwhelming. Finding help along the way to make it easier, manageable, and achievable can be life-changing.

This list of YouTube influencers are genuine, real people, who share themselves, their homes, their families, and their expertise all from the heart. Each of them are invaluable for what they know and share but also are remarkably incredible people whose kindness, warmth, and I’m-in-it-with-you-ness shines through. Even Hamimommy whose voice you don’t even hear (just another reason why she is so amazing)!

Spend some time with these wonderful individuals and take your household management systems and routines to the next level. Or find your own influencing guru that fits your lifestyle and expert resource needs.

Search and enjoy being influenced in a meaningful and positive way. YouTube is an awesome resource full of awesome people to love and with lots to share.

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Do you have team favorites that help you keep your home in order? If so, please share your recommended favorites in the Comments below.

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