How to Feel Your Soul in Life, Even at Work

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel your soul as you live your life?  Is it possible to be soulfully connected every day? Do you even know what it feels like to ‘feel your soul’?

While language is key to clarifying your life experience with yourself and sharing it with others, some things are simply hard to explain. Soul is one of these complex concepts.  And yet, there still exists a thin veil of common understanding.

Where words alone may fail, the definition of soul becomes clearer when you give it life through emotional context. To feel your soul, to feel soulful, to feel soulfulness brings the idea of soul to life. It now becomes more than a word, but an experience. 

And why does any of this matter.  Some would say it doesn’t.  Life is just life.  But those who know the richness that comes with living with a soul connection, they would say it is the thing that matters most! 

When your life possesses soul it makes life worth living.  There is a powerful and substantial connection with purpose, experience, emotion, and synchronicity that transcends anything else.

The pursuit of life with soul is a pursuit that transcends happiness.  It is a complete alignment with you and all that is.  And you can experience these soulful moments at any point or part of your life, including at work.

The Definition of Soul

There are many definitions of soul.  And there are many reasons why this is. More than religion and dogma, the idea of the soul represents an intangible experience that cannot be singularly defined. It is intimate and personal and in many ways identified only by the person who has the experience.

For this reason, if asked, we each likely will give a different interpretation. However, despite this, there is a means to come together in like-mindedness on the experience.

Soul is defined by what we sense and feel.  It is the experience of being, doing, receiving, or emoting while at the same time ascending to different levels of euphoria. It could be said that soul is the expression of our spiritual connection with life. 

Transcending logic and practical understanding, when we sense our soul connection, we use our intuitive senses, our interconnectedness with energy; we describe a blissful, almost dream-like state.

Many would consider this a Divine power and one that each of us possesses if we choose to honor the connection.

Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.


What is the Difference Between Soul and Spirit?

The words spirit and soul are often used interchangeably.  And this could be because of their implied intangible nature and the idea that it involves a state that expands awareness beyond the five senses.

But for the purpose of this discussion, soul and spirit are not one in the same.  Spirit will act as that indescribable breath of life that exists so long as your body has breath.  It is also that which escapes your physical body thereby transitioning your existence from life to death.

Alternatively, soul is not the essence of life, but the transcended expression of life through the body.  Your spirit is life in all of its expression, the soul of you is your life in its highest expression only.  Soul could be called your God-like state of connection with all that is and your physical expression joyfully intertwined. 

In this distinction between spirit and soul, you have a spirit that resides within the body and the soul that is the expression of this connection through emotion.  

How Do You Know When You Feel Your Soul?

The journey of life is filled with opportunity to connect at a soul-level.  It is here where the process becomes personal and intimate.  Human beings can find their soul connection through similar channels:

Seeing the sunset

Breathing in fresh air on the beach

Witnessing a child’s birth

Connecting with the rhythm of music

But you can also find your soul connection with an experience that is all your own:

When meditating

In creating your own poetry

Sensing your muscle movement when running through the park

Being inspired while performing your work or craft

You define soul when you are in pure contentment, blissful and inspired movement, being in flow.  It is your interpretation of your life experience and your allowance of being present with your emotions that permits the opportunity for soulful exploration.  You get to decide if you feel it and you get to decide what experience brings soulfulness to you. 

Simply being open to the experience and willing or wanting it creates the opportunity. 

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.


Does Everyone Experience a Soul Connection?

Just as much as it is possible to feel your soul, it is also possible to willfully deny this soul connection.

To be closed to the possibility of feeling heightened levels of joy in life closes the door to feeling your soul.  Feeling your soul is not meant to be akin to a drug-induced state or a sensation that is forced upon your consciousness.  Instead, it is a natural and unencumbered reaction to your engagement with life and your thoughts, actions, and emotions. 

You take in your world and as a result your world gives you joy.  Only you can say what part of the world brings out the soul of you. Until you find what sparks the soul connection for you, it may feel as if you are living in absence of your soul.

Everyday Feeling of Your Soul

There is a reason why there is soul food.  Or that you may say something touches your soul.  You can claim someone as your soulmate.  And feel a sense of belonging with others at the soul level.

It is the deep resonance with your internal knowing of self, the external stimulation of the world around, and a significant emotional connection that defines the feeling of soul.

The soul expression is a deeper and more vibrant emotion than all others.

Feeling Your Soul at Work

The experiences that can cause you to personally transcend and your soul to come alive can happen anywhere including work.

You can find your soul at work when you are being creative.  It can be sparked through artwork, design, new ideas, and bold innovation. You can discover your soul through other people, in meaningful and compassionate interactions, and even through share of your knowledge.

The soul can be ignited when you present, draw out emotions when connecting with others like excitement and motivation, or allow yourself to be the source of another’s inspiration. Your job can become a wonderful playground of different experiences that create a soulful exchange with others or soulful experiences for yourself.  

Be Intentional with Invoking Soulfulness at Work

Your job can permit you many opportunities for self-expression and for personal development, all of which are means to bring soulfulness to what you do.

The Job Search

Be cognizant of what calls to you as the right place for you.  What is the culture?  Does your department represent your tribe? Will you be side-by-side with like-minded people with a similar passion for your work?  Will you have the freedom to explore your passions at work?  Make it a priority to seek the space that helps you flourish and be at your best and watch your soul come alive!

The Work

Know your talents.  Feel connected with your skills.  You alone are the combination of personality, actions, ideas, and energy that makeup who you are and how you work.  Let every part of you express itself in what you do.  As you establish your rhythm and build your expertise, you can find yourself moving effortlessly and harmoniously with everything around you.  Your soul’s connection can be ignited through this seamless movement.

The Work Environment and Atmosphere

The energy that you surround yourself with is what you become.  Whether like-minded or not, do you share a good-natured temperament?  Is your work environment optimistic, planful, super-charged, or blissfully chill?  Do you find yourself with an internal sense of peace, contentment, calm, or synergy in your workspace?  Do you feel as if you are a member of a team, even feel almost like family?  When you feel that your seed has been planted in an environment that nurtures you every day as you provide your contribution to the whole, your soul’s expression may rise to the surface.

You don’t have to find your soul at work but there is nothing that limits you from finding it there. And when you search for it you will find a field of opportunity to spark your soul connection that you can enjoy while you work.

Should You Use ‘Soul’ Language at Work?

As stated, using the term soul can have a different meaning for different people.  The term is not wrong to use but it may be misinterpreted. 

That said, to know and then share your thoughts, desires, and needs with others is part of your authenticity.  When you can clarify to others where you thrive and what type of environment brings out your best, you are honoring your soul’s expression.  You are also offering the best of you to your employer which is what any employer would want to receive. 

Always remember the true intention of all communication is to share your thoughts with another person, not simply to talk at another person.  Using terms that are universally understood will likely make the conversation and the intended outcome that much easier. So use soul language if you find those who resonate with it; if not, then use other terms that will translate better.

Also remember that the journey to learn and connect with your soul’s expression is a personal one.  It does not have to be one that is shared.  You alone will identify what is most meaningful to you and only you can sense your emotions fully when you have the experience.

Be discerning and selective with who you choose to share your soul’s expression and experience.  Honor your soul by honoring yourself and preserving the most special parts of you in the quiet of your own mind.


The soul of you is the means by which you express the connection that exists between the parts of the world that stimulate you and your thoughts and emotions. There is no limitation to what can stimulate the feeling of synchronicity and joyfulness that comes from the soul.  And it can exist anywhere including in your work.

Be authentic and willing to express yourself genuinely and fully.  Take on new experiences or find new ways to enjoy past experiences with new eyes and renewed interest. 

Explore your work environment with the expectation that your soul can be ignited by what you find around you and in what you do. And feel comfort that your opportunity for soul connection is limitless at work and anywhere else your journey takes you.  

Do you know what makes your soul sing? Have you stumbled into a blissful moment? Do you have a soul connection with the work that you do? Share your story in the comments below and ignite the soul’s expression in someone else.

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