7 Remarkable Ways of Creating Life Balance in Your Imbalanced Life

Creating life balance is the key to living a better life.

It is energizing to live each day in flow. And it is empowering to feel that no matter what comes there is comfort that awaits you. Knowing that you are in balance gives both a sense of relaxation and excited anticipation to any day. 

However, imbalance is also a part of life. At times it can seem like the only part of life that you are living. 

The days strung together when it feels that nothing is in flow. The moments when nothing goes as planned and the worst scenario seems to just keep showing up. These are the times when you just want the day to stop and start over.

Feel empowered to know that you don’t have to remove the experience of imbalance to have a good life.

You couldn’t even if you wanted to. But that’s okay. Make peace with your times of imbalance and learn ways to regain balance once it has been lost.

Take a look at these 7 ways of creating life balance when imbalance has become way too much of your life.

1. Give Yourself Grace

finding balance in life
Sometimes life is just hard and it’s okay to say it

Giving yourself grace is permitting yourself to simply be human when things fall apart.  Be angry, cry, feel defeated, and frustrated. It’s human to feel bad when it seems like everything could get no worse.

Sometimes the fastest way to regain balance is to release trying to have it. (Yes, you read that right).

Pause in your discomfort and honor that your emotions exist and feel them. Even when it feels the worst try to accept your feelings instead of pushing them away.

Beyond the hurt, what do your emotions tell you?

  • Are you disappointed in yourself for not trying harder?
  • Did someone you love betray your trust?
  • Have you given up on trying because you fear failure too much?
  • Do you criticize yourself more than loving yourself out of habit?

Acknowledge where you are. Give yourself grace for getting there. And learn what you can from the experience.

Developing a habit of pause and reflection in the midst of imbalance and emotional disarray permits you to build the muscle of self awareness. It is from here that you can move forward with purpose and direction.

How does self awareness help with creating life balance?

Self awareness gives space to experience your thoughts and emotions and examine your personal interpretation of them. You can give yourself time to answer the simple questions of “what do I feel” and “why?”

In absence of taking this reflective moment, you can become lost in your emotion and directionless in your actions solely inspired by your discomfort. This aimless movement can create even more painful imbalance.

In these moments you can

  • turn on yourself simply for being in a poor emotional state
  • frantically spin your wheels trying to blindly fix everything that’s wrong
  • blame others for your emotional state and blast others for their wrongdoings
  • become hopeless and wayward with no understanding of how to stop your pain

All of these conclusions come sweeping in when all of your energy is placed on removing your pain and not learning from it. You want your world back in control now!

Grace is accepting when everything is out of control it is time to stop trying to control it and just let all things be. In this way, you begin healing for yourself, acceptance of everything around you, and creating balance.

2. Invoke the Power of Positive Self Talk

finding balance
What you say to you matters so think before you speak

Words are powerful.  Therefore, there is good reason to choose your words wisely or suffer the consequence of self-created imbalance. 

As if a mantra, you can at times repeat over and over again all the negatives about yourself or your experiences.

  • This is a horrible day. 
  • Why is everything going wrong? 
  • Here we go again! 
  • I’m an idiot. 
  • I can make a mess of everything!!!

The list of imbalanced words and phrases has no end and so with it no end to the problems that come with it. The words that we repeat become the reality that we live. When we speak negativity to ourselves then a moment of discomfort can become a full day of regret.  

You are the key to the life that you manifest and your words are instruments in the making of it. 

In the midst of imbalance, you may not be able to change what you are facing. But you can change the words you say, think, or repeat.

Choose to soothe yourself instead of aggravating your frazzled nerves more. Start small but purposefully. Try affirming to yourself,

  • “it will be okay” or,
  • “I know I am doing my best”, or
  • “it can only get better from here”

Be creative with your means for creating life balance through your words by singing a song that you enjoy or reciting a prayer or poem that brings you peace.

Choose words with emotions that represent where you want to be even if you feel very different in the present. Affirm the balance that you aspire to experience.

10 Positive Affirmations for Creating Life Balance

  • I know that as things get better and I will get happier and happier
  • Tomorrow is a new day and I can’t wait to wake up to a good morning
  • I am thankful for every peaceful and relaxing experience I have ever had
  • I am grateful for the calm I give my mind through focus
  • I appreciate feelings of relief and conclusion
  • I embrace the all experiences that life brings
  • Every day that I am I have another opportunity to just be
  • I am proud of myself because I try
  • I love myself and all that I am
  • I create balance in my life and am grateful to myself for doing it

Say the words that you need to hear to become the balance you need to have.  

3. Champion Your Own Chivalry

finding a balance
Protect your needs for well-being and your right to balance

To take care of another before oneself is only one form of chivalry.  Do not hesitate to become the champion of courtesy and honor for yourself.

Put a gallant effort toward defending your right to peace when imbalance has seemingly taken over your life. You can be your own knight in shining armor. Take the necessary actions to smite the sources of the imbalance that confront you. 

Make choices that honor your personal needs for importance, priority, and self-care. And be proud to take life balance as a reward.

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Chivalrous actions you may take for yourself can include:

  • Leaving work early whenever the day permits it
  • Deciding not to answer a phone call to reduce your distractions
  • Escaping for a private moment within your work day by getting water, taking a walk, or even going to the bathroom

So often we deny ourselves simple courtesies in exchange for pleasing others or satisfying imbalanced expectations of ourselves.  

Make decisions that serve you and become an ambassador of your sanctity and sanity. When life becomes too much it is okay to pause what you can so that you are in a better place to handle what comes. 

Be chivalrous to yourself regularly and you may thwart many occasions of imbalance on the horizon.

4. Relax and Replenish Your System

how to find balance in life
Recharging your battery gives you the energy to stay strong when you need it most

Within the most basic human functions lays the most critical of needs, replenishment.

Rest, relaxation, and sleep each serves to provide replenishment to the body. Replenishment of the body secures a foundation whereby you are in the best condition to perform at your highest capacity. 

The pressures, stresses, and frustrations of the day are regular occurrences that place a demand upon your physical and mental disposition.  Replenishment is a defense against these attacks on your balance and provides you the strength to carry on.  

When feeling imbalanced examine your rest, relaxation, and sleep schedule, and if poor, address it immediately and with urgency. 

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Fighting the internal war of fatigue will invite imbalance and potentially subject you to even more. This can leave you without the strength to find your way to balance.  

Know also that replenishment is more than sleep, though getting the length and depth of rest through sleep is important. Other forms of replenishment exist too:

While replenishment will not always cure imbalance by itself, it can provide you with centeredness that can support your return-to-balance journey.

5. Create a Space to Reclaim Your Balance

how to balance life
10 minutes of peace and positive focus can feel like a miracle

When your whole world has toppled and there is confusion everywhere you look, finding respite in your sanctuary away from the storm can immediately make you feel better.

Create a space that provides you with access to your balance even if only temporarily.

Balance at Work

how to balance your life
Let a simple image transport you to another place

You may find that at work your place of balance is your desk, your locker, or even your screensaver. 

Here you can place positive messages, photos of family, or a memento that has special meaning to you. Create an inspired, peaceful vision and gain the power to provide calm within your line of sight.

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Balance at Home

balance your life
Simplicity can bring balance in an instant

At home, it may be your bedroom or a spare room where you find your quiet place of peace from the world.

Dedicate any small corner to include symbols or images of calm that are meaningful to you. A small candle or a place to burn fragrant incense can be enough. A beautiful bouquet of flowers can touch your spirit and invoke a recall to balance.

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Visiting your sacred space or creating one for the first time can represent giving to yourself. This gift of balance can be critical when it feels like the whole world is only taking.  Display items that have a special meaning that provide a sense of grounding and control in an otherwise chaotic existence.

Imbalance can seem to walk with you no matter where you go. But creating a space for peace can allow you to release your burdens and step into balance when needed.

6. Connect with Nature

find balance in your life

No matter the season or time of day, it may be a perfect opportunity to step into nature when you feel that imbalance abounds. There is almost always an opportunity to experience nature if you choose to prioritize the experience. 

When the walls feel as if they are closing in and the place you stand feels unstable, turn your sights to your nearest window or open door.

  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath allowing fresh air to fill your lungs and graze across your body
  • Take a walk and focus your attention on every planted step as you feel the surety of solid ground supporting your stride
  • Look to the sky and embrace the beauty, expansiveness, and freedom of a never-ending horizon

Nature represents simplicity but also manifests itself in substantial ways representing the eternal access to balance in life. 

How can nature help when creating life balance?

When creating life balance we can look to engage with nature and claim our place with its natural harmony:

  • Watch the movement of life around you. Birds in the trees, squirrels running across the ground, people bustling to their destinations all represent the beauty of intersected life around you.
  • Allow your skin to feel the rays of the sun or the coolness of raindrops on a cloudy day. The connection between you and the elements is a reminder of your union with the world.
  • Take in the fragrance of sweet flowers in the spring, freshly mowed grass in the summer, or falling leaves from majestic trees carried in the wind on a fall day. Allow the subtleties of life to show how easily calm can seep into your day.

Go out and experience the abundance of eternal balance that surrounds you. And reassure yourself that your personal balance is only steps away at any moment.

7. Find Your Tribe

how to achieve balance
Surround yourself with loved ones when you need it most

There is no rule that your road to balance must be traveled alone. So when you find yourself in the thrusts of imbalance make use of your resources.

When you are fortunate enough to have special people in your life, trust in the strength of your relationship that they will want to support you.

Loyal companions who always have a positive disposition and a helping hand to lend are a treasure. Good people with good dispositions are great resources to have.

When your path has gotten too dim for you to find your way home alone, a good friend will act as a lighthouse across your dark sea and guide you back to balance.

how to bring balance into your life
A burden shared between two people can be much lighter weight than a crushing problem held by one

Remember also, you may not always have access to live support every time you need it. Late-night hours, travel, or just life can make it hard to connect with family and friends at times.

So it is important to also build a tribe of indirect connections and support to guide your journey towards balance.

creating a balanced life
The vehicles of peace are endless. Search for support and know that it is always there.

These resources can come in the form of musicians, artists, writers, podcasters, YouTubers, bloggers, and more. At a moment’s notice, no matter the time day or night, you can tap into their message and be transported to a better place.

  • Listen to music. Create playlists designed to lift your spirits when needed
  • Read a book or your favorite highlighted passage
  • Watch a motivational video or a heartwarming movie
  • Learn from an online educator a new way to ease your stress or bring order to your life

Your favorite artists, creators, and entertainers can be your lifeline in bad times.

Curate your tribe with care and reap the rewards of partnered effort towards balance. Invest in creating your team for balance and see the fruits of your labor flourish with positive connections and peace.


While imbalance is a part of life, and not always an enjoyable part, balance also exists. 

The path of moving from the discomfort of imbalance to creating life balance can be challenging but achievable. Find comfort in knowing that any struggle is only temporary by nature. 

The keys to creating life balance are to accept your imbalance, learn from it, and use your learning to choose the best path ahead. Ready your tools and resources so you can gain the support you require on your path and feel empowered on your life journey always.

Take command of your ability to create balance in your life. And know that no amount of imbalance can keep you from living the quality of life you choose to live.  When you prepare ahead for the imbalance you know to come, you can be in the best position to bring yourself back to the balance that keeps you whole.

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