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Hi, I’m Denise Connor

Work/Life Balance Coach

for Entrepreneurs and Career-Focused Professionals


Are you in a place where you seem to keep spinning your wheels and going nowhere?

Life doesn’t have to be that way.  A clear and precise pathway to get from where you are to where you want to be is possible. 

If you are new entrepreneur, you can build a plan with confidence that leads you to success.  If you are ready for a career transition, you can determine how to plant your feet on solid ground as you begin to walk your new path.  If you are looking for ways to juggle your personal life, work life, AND career aspirations, you can create systems and methodologies that work today and learn how to flex them to work for the future. 

Solutions exist to the problems that you are facing today and together we can build your plan forward from here. 


I have worked in the Human Resources field for nearly 20 years, partnering closely with leaders in the Corporate arena as well as driven, focused, innovative Entrepreneurs working hard to build and expand their businesses.  In these environments I have coached leaders and their teams to create solutions to ease their work burden, develop improved relationships and partnerships, leverage their resources, and create the work/life balance that works best for them.

I look forward to collaborating with you to create the plan for personal and professional success that works for you while also achieving a new level of  peace of mind.

What Can You Expect from the Coaching Experience

Goal Setting

Creating goals is more than a task checklist.  Let’s work together to clarify your personal mission statement and see how it applies to your lifestyle and your work life today.  If a disconnect exists AND if it is important to you to correct it, we can discuss how to define your goals and to discover realistic tasks and timeframes to get you there. 

You are the master architect of your life.  Feel more directed, productive, and purposeful by applying the right guidance to enhance your goal setting and motivate you to accomplish what you want out of life.

Personal Success Assessment

Master the power of you by understanding your attributes and your areas for improvement.  Full acceptance of who you are is accomplished by knowing what you are and what you are not. 

Once you have this depth of understanding, you can now be confident in knowing what skills, traits, and personal characteristics can support your goals.  And you can also evaluate what tasks you can abandon because you either knowingly choose not to improve them or proclaim with full transparency that they are too far out of reach.  Everyone does not have to be everything, but you can master what you are and leverage it to the fullest to have the career, personal achievements, and lifestyle that you want.  

Career Path Planning

Experiencing success in your job, advancing in your profession, and having work/life balance are accessible goals individually and holistically.  You can have it all!

Having the job experience that you seek starts with defining the real reasons you may not have this in place at the moment.  Beyond looking at what is listed on your resume, let’s examine what your personal and lifestyle goals are and how your career fits in with it.  Finances, health, love relationships, family, all have impact on your career as well as the traditional subjects of education, skill-building, networking and performance.  Let’s unpack all of this together and see what you have in place that supports fortifying your career path, and what may be pulling it apart. Together we can develop a foundation for success and a strong plan of action going forward.

Learn from your past. Evaluate your now. 

Develop your action plan for your future.  And FEEL RENEWED!

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The road to success has never been straight so don’t be afraid to lean into the curve