What does it mean to be bold enough to be yourself? 

Before you can be you, you have to be bold enough to define you. And that is not always easy to do. 

It sounds easy enough on the surface. But some people struggle to define their favorite color, let alone the color they want to paint their bedroom. 

If that is true, how do you even begin to define the spectrum that is your life?  

Who are You?

How do you define yourself?

What are the most defining parts of you?

Can you define what you are versus what others say you are?

Begin to build your definition

Your personal definition is important because it is so easy to become unclear.

Can you define yourself independently?

Or are you just a bundle of everyone else’s influence and opinion?

You are allowed and should have your own opinions about yourself.

Who you are is not your station in your family or at your job. 

What you are is not the emotional set point you have on any given day. 

You are the summary of every single experience that you have had since your very first breath to the moment when you are reading this sentence right now. 

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Your Life Has Taught You More About You Than You Realize

You have spent a lifetime taking in the world. Your mind’s eye interprets everything within your vision and your thoughts give your view meaning.

You decide your place, purpose, and being amongst all that you have taken in.

And for this reason, you cannot be defined by things as simple as your age, your gender, your job, or even your mood. 

Your complexity is so much more than that.

Recognize first that all that you are is as diverse as the color spectrum. 

You are not to be labeled or boxed or stereotyped or clichĂ©d. 

You are your opinions and thoughts that have been shaped by your experiences. Because of this, you may join with the masses on one subject and be all alone on an island on another.  

Accept that you have ideas that are yours alone and a voice that is unlike any other. 

Even if some say that you think like your mother or talk like your father. It does not mean that you lose your identity to someone else’s characteristics. 

You are your own person. 

To live out loud as yourself, you must be bold enough to take ownership of who and what you are.

Define what you claim as your identity.

Take action to be authentically you.

Speak your thoughts and opinions out loud

Keeping your opinions to yourself devalues your voice and creates an opportunity to allow others’ thoughts to have a higher value than your own. 

A pattern of silence can make you feel invisible.

Your voice is your presence and your gift to others. 

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Telling your story, your mental vision, and expression, contribute to others learning, expansion, and evolution of thought. 

You serve no one by being quiet, least of all yourself. 

Permitting your voice to have center stage allows you to take command of your expression as an important and valued contributor to the dialogue that is your life. 

Dress the style that represents you 

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Your parents, your co-workers, your friends, or your employer do not define how you should look or represent yourself. 

You do. 

If you stifle yourself in a uniform to make someone else comfortable, you can find yourself smothered in conformity and self-disrespect. 

Claiming your style is claiming your self-expression and ability to accentuate what you like about yourself. 

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Your form, your palette, your softness, your hardness, your structure of clothing all speak to how you create your self-image.

Choose colors that represent your spirit or your mood on any particular day.

Wear jewelry that speaks to your heritage or the sentiment of family to your heart.

Create a vibrant hairstyle, get an intricate tattoo, change your eye color, Let your whole body become your canvas of self-definition.

Present your image as if showcasing your spirit. It’s yours to display and only you can breathe life into your personal creation.

Live the Lifestyle That You Choose  

Who said life starts at 5am? 

Or that a perfect couple is a man and a woman? 

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Why should only a person with a degree be considered educated? 

And why would personal wealth be defined solely by a bank account balance? 

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Healthy people may have cookies for breakfast (occasionally 🙂

Wealthy people may live in a one-bedroom apartment in a small suburban town. 

Happy people may never work a steady job but will travel from city to city meeting new people and exploring the world. 

Stop living by the rules that someone else told you and define your own rules for your health, wealth, and happiness! 

No one but you can define what life is best for you to live

And you will never get a perfect score living the life that someone else has defined as right for you. 

So fail someone else’s expectation so that you can Live Your Own Life as you have defined it and truly live happy! 

Living a Bold Life is Living Your Own Life 

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Be comfortable to make the choices that you prefer and then live them out loud. 

Do not hide from who you are to make anyone else happy. 

The same person you choose to please may be unhappy with themselves. 

Instead of learning anyone else’s expectations, be bold enough to learn yourself.

Your opinions, your style, your sense of self through decisions, likes and dislikes, and your own discernment are you. 

Never stop learning you. 

And as you define and redefine yourself, never let a moment go by where you fail to Live Your True Self, out loud, boldly, as your most authentic you!

Need more inspiration on living a bold, authentic you. Take a look at RuPaul’s Masterclass on self-expression and authenticity.

RuPaul has been a pioneer of living life on your own terms throughout his career as an actor, music artist, television personality, and most notably as a drag queen.

If Ru doesn’t know authenticity, no one does. Using his words, “You were not born to fit in. You were born to stand out”.

No matter where you learn the lesson, the message is clear:

Be Happy

Be Bold

Be You

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