About Curvy Points

Welcome to curvy points! I’M so glad that you are here!

What is Curvy Points?

Curvy Points is created as an all-in-one resource for ambitious, driven and enlightened women and is dedicated to empowering, educating and encouraging well balanced lifestyles and exceptional personal and professional goal achievement. 

Are you an over-worked business owner?  Are you an exhausted career professional?  Are you self-employed and feeling like you are literally doing Everything by yourself?  You are not alone.  And, you Do Not have to scale down, hold back, or dream less in order to have the life that you love. 

Your goals deserve to come to life, personal or professional. And I believe you don’t have to choose.  You can have it all!


What’s In a Name?

Curvy Points represents the path of life that is never straight.  Just when you think that you have it all together, another curve comes down the road and you have to figure things out all over again.  

Life on The Curve can be hard and sometimes downright treacherous when you are not prepared for the trip.  But when you take the time to know yourself, create systems to help bring yourself back in balance, and find ways to enjoy the changes that come, you’ll learn that The Curve can be the best part of the ride. 



How Does Curvy Points Help Me?

My goal for Curvy Points is to be your biggest cheerleader as you live as your own independent guru for work life balance and your total well-being.  But I know that we all need a bit of support to be at our best at times, so I am also here to help fill your toolbox with more resources, new practices, options and solutions, and constant motivation to live the life you deserve. 

Visit my website, follow me on social media, connect with me through my newsletter, use my eBooks, and more.  

I live to make your Life on The Curve the best it can be!



And, Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Denise Connor! 


I am the founder and writer for Curvy Points.  And I am so happy that you have visited me here.  My vision is for this website to be THE one work life balance resource for women and that you find a connection and resonance with what is provided within its pages especially for you. 

As a former HR professional for almost 20 years, I have a passion for work life balance because many times I have witnessed others and personally lived far too long on its opposite side.  New exciting opportunities came with missing many important family moments.  Obsession with completed projects too often led to missed dinners and tons of takeout.  I have lost friends, lost hair, gained weight and lost sleep all while trying desperately to keep it altogether.  Definitely not the way to live happy.  But no life is lived without lessons.  And I have learned that life doesn’t have to be that way.  



YOU CAN have big ambitions for your career and achieve them AND

YOU CAN have healthy relationships with your family, friends and business connections AND

YOU CAN have a love life that enriches you, brings you passion, and excites you AND

YOU CAN can be happy, healthy, and balanced in the process.  


 I sincerely believe that having a healthy balance at work and having a healthy balance with work and the rest of your life is possible.  Balance is never about keeping everything even.  But it is about being flexible, being mindful, allowing your needs to be important, and believing having it all is possible.  Because it is. Let’s get it done! 



The road of life has never been straight so you might as well lean into the curve

– denise connor, curvy points founder