About Curvy Points

Welcome to curvy points! We’re so glad that you are here!

What is Curvy Points?

Curvy Points is created as an all-in-one resource providing ambitious, driven and enlightened women soft guidance and solid plans of action to achieve balance with work and all the other parts of their life.

Are you a business owner?  Are you a busy professional?  Are you self-employed?  Are you in transition?  Every stage in your career path creates its own challenges of time, organization, self-prioritization, and overall balance. 

Your goals deserve to come to life, personal or professional. And we believe you don’t have to choose.  You can have it all!


What’s In a Name?

Curvy Points represents the path of life that is never straight.  Just when you think that you have it all together, another curve comes down the road and you have to figure things out all over again.  

Life on The Curve can be hard and sometimes downright treacherous when you are not prepared for the trip.  But when you take the time to know yourself, create systems to help bring yourself back in balance, and find ways to enjoy the changes that come, you’ll learn that The Curve can be the best part of the ride. 



How Does Curvy Points Help Me?

The goal of Curvy Points is to be your biggest cheerleader as you live as your independent guru for work/life balance and total well-being.  But we know that we all need a bit of support to be at our best at times, so we are also here to help fill your toolbox with services, resources and constant motivation to live the life you deserve. 

Visit our website, follow us on social media, connect with us through our newsletter, use our eBooks, and more.  

We live to make your Life on The Curve the best it can be!




The road to success has never been straight so don’t be afraid to lean into the curve

– denise connor, curvy points founder